The epic journey of Transatlantique Kriek

Transatlantique Kriek is our annual collaboration with Belgium's Oud Beersel, and although it only releases once a year, it's a project that never ends. Every day of the year—whether it involves active shipping, blending and packaging, or simply passively letting sour beer age—involves some type of work on the beer. Peep the image above to see the entire journey Transatlantique Kriek, and all those involved, goes through each year. To see our entire lineup of sours, check out our sour beer page.
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Watch: Brewmaster Peter Bouckaert and the origin of NBB sours

Watch as our brewmaster Peter Bouckaert talks about the early days at New Belgium, including the beginning of our sour beer program.
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New Belgium's wood cellar won its new foeder on a bet

Today, we have the very rad Ted Peterson of the wood cellar guest-blogging to tell the hilarious story of how we scored our most recent foeder, named Stars and Strikes. Without further ado, #TedTalks: Last year I had heard of some guys in Missouri who had started making foeders out of new American oak near St. Louis. I'd never heard of such a thing and naturally was very excited and curious. I reached out to them, told them that I had been working with the foeders at New Belgium, and would love to come check out their shop. They said ‘of course,’ so I drove out there. I spent an afternoon hanging out at their shop in O'Fallon, Mo., talking foeders with them while they worked, and then we ...
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