Culture has become the new buzz word in business. People on the outside of companies (especially potential employees) ask the insiders “What’s your culture like?” or “Can you define your culture?”

Company values are added to the corporation’s website, then displayed on large posters in the company lobby, the complimentary food area, or the employee restrooms.

Culture isn’t about what you say (or post); it’s what you do.

High Involvement Culture

We believe that our dedication to high involvement culture and a loving, high performing workforce sets us apart. We believe that the collective is stronger than the individual and that informed coworkers will make responsible decisions.

We practice open book management, which also includes access to financials and we facilitate a monthly meeting where coworkers are informed on the latest and greatest New Belgium news. We also meet annually, in the form of a Strategic Planning Retreat offsite. This is to gather input from ALL coworkers as Employee Owners, help make decisions about the upcoming year's business plan. This yearly event is a key element as we celebrate, sustain our culture and reconnect ourselves to our Vision. This opportunity for input and involvement helps align individual performance to New Belgium performance. We believe in community, social and environmental responsibility and dedication to modeling our Core Values and Beliefs.

Working at New Belgium can be a very difficult thing to quantify, especially in a paragraph. Rather than try to explain something as complex and beautiful as a DNA molecule, we will just let our coworkers tell you their story.


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