• Press Play Wednesday!

    Here's something you might not know about me: I really like rock n' roll. Specifically guitar rock (big admission, I know.) There's something about electric guitars, loud amplifiers, big kick drums and craft beer that resonates to the core of my riff-loving soul. 

    If you ask me (which I realize you didn't (sorry,)) the world needs more fuzzed-out, reverb-drenched guitar, bass and drum bands. Who knows, maybe we'd finally achieve world peace if it happened; I doubt it, but weirder things have (not) happened. 

    So, on to the point. Ty Segall is coming out with a new record, "Manipulator" (you can listen to it here,) and I'm really excited about it. It's loud, fast and loose, and manages to simultaneously conjure a care-free and "get after it" sentiment. That's no easy task. Mr. Segall and his band (which features the fantastic Mikal Cronin) played Conan recently, and the performance was quite good. Watch below, get stoked and drink a good beer.

    Cheers — Nic The Intern

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  • Ice, a bucket, and a challenge

    Hey All,

    You've likely heard, seen or been told of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. The way it works is this: those who have received a challenge must dump a bucket of ice water on their head (if they don't do it within 24 hours they must donate $100 toward ALS (also known as Lou Gehrig's Disease) research.)) Participants are also required to challenge others to complete the ice-water-dump.

    Chris McCombs, a plant engineer here at New Belgium, was challenged by his friend Kevin Templin of Red Rocks Brewery in Salt Lake City. Chris, in turn, has challenged Colin Westcott of Equinox Brewing and Tim O'Leary at Kettle House Brewing.

    One goal of the Ice Bucket Challenge campaign is to further education of ALS, a particularly difficult disease. You can learn more and/or donate via the ALS Association.

    (You should also check out Ales for ALS, a program that raises funds for ALS research by offering brewers access to a special hop blend. We're proud to be a participating brewer.)

    Cheers, and stay cool — Nic The Intern

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  • The 2014 Boise Tour de Fat (was amazing!)

    We just wrapped here in Boise, and it was good. Like, really good.

    Let's start with the weather, which has nagged at us so far this season. Boise couldn't have given the Tour de Fat a more beautiful day. The sun was out (my spotty burns where I forgot to apply the 'ol SPF prove it,) the air was calm and and it was neither too hot or (less common) too cold. Today's proverbial porridge was just right.

    People took notice. The crowd was a big, beaming, beer-drinking and bike-loving swell of Boiseans. Boise is one of the largest Tour de Fat's every season, and this year was no different. 

    At 4 p.m. beer sales had already raised $57,000 for our partner nonprofits, Southwest Idaho Mountain Biking Association, Treasure Valley Cycling Alliance, and Boise Bike Project. That's $7,000 more than last year, and that number was announced before beer sales even wrapped (meaning there's a good chance the total is higher.)

    Take a look at these photos from today (I'll try and post more later this week.) For now, it's back to packing the trucks and moving toward the next show. We're on to our hometown of Fort Collins!

    Cheers — Nic The Intern

    Gnomeo (at least that's what we call him) won his third consecutive slow ride today. He's won a total of four slow ride belts in Boise, and is far and away the most dominant slow rider in the country — guaranteed (not really.) 

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  • The Boise Tour de Fat is here!

    It's time to party. 

    I'm not talking about the put-on-a-suit-and-tie variety. No, I mean the costumed, sweaty, dance-heavy, bike-celebrating extravaganza that is the Tour de Fat. It's in Boise this week (tomorrow (Saturday) to be specific,) and it's shaping up to be a good one. Check out the schedule below (and some pics from last year,) and join us tomorrow if you're in the area. You can always follow TdF on Twitter and Instagram for super dope updates from tomorrow's good time if you aren't near Boise.

    Cheers — Nic The Intern

    10 a.m. — Parade Registration
    11 a.m. — Parade Launch
    12 p.m. — Fashion! (Best Costumes of the Tour de Fat)
    12:20 p.m. — The Reals Band
    1:20 p.m. — The Slow Ride Race
    1:40 p.m. — The Handsome Little Devils
    2:30 p.m. — Car for Bike Trade
    2:45 p.m. — Yo-Yo People
    3:35 p.m. — 1,000 Person Dance Contest (winner receives a New Belgium cruiser bike!)
    4 p.m. — Blind Pilot
    5 p.m. — Finale

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  • Press Play Wednesday!

    Hi Everyone,

    Press Play Wednesday is typically reserved for super epic Internet videos. You know what I'm talking about; GoPros are often involved and that ubiquitous "Sail" song is frequently the soundtrack. Today, though, PPW is reserved for something else. Earlier this week Robin Williams passed away, and it only seems right to say goodbye to such a talented, funny, influential person with one of his best moments. Cheers ya'll, and RIP Robin — Nic

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  • Live Long and Report Stuff

    Did you know that scientists have proven you can live longer if you set goals for yourself? For real, just set some goals, give yourself a reason to get out of bed in the morning, and you’ll live to be at least 106.*

    Speaking of goals, we set a number of them here at the brewery. Not only do these goals help keep us young and healthy, but they also keep the New Belgium Mothership steered in the right direction. What are these goals, you ask? Well, they run the gamut, covering every area of our operations and values. Some of our goals are about making world class beers, and some are about making the Tour de Fat the most wondrous bicycle carnival you’ll ever ride into. Some of our goals are about getting the new brewery built in Asheville, and some are about reducing our natural resource usage.

    While it’s good to set goals and to track your progress toward them, it’s also quite good to share that special journey with others. And this, my friends, is why we publish a Sustainability Report once a year. It’s our way of sharing our successes and lessons learned, and of ensuring transparency and authenticity in our quest to be a sustainable business. The report is short, sweet and to the point, because we respect your time and because we hate killing trees.** Take a look at it (right here) and let us know what you think! 

    Cheers -- Ginger

    *This statement has not been verified by anyone, ever. 

    **For those of you who really love nerding out, there's tons more information on our Sustainability page

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  • Press Play Wednesday!

    Hi everyone,

    Happy Wednesday, and here's yet another Internet video. 

    On my top 3 list of "ways to easily and seriously hurt yourself" is barefoot water skiing. It's downright dangerous, and until now I wasn't quite sure what the reward is.

    The reward, it turns out, is a sweet sweet Youtube video.


    Cheers — Nic The Intern

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  • 3 fantastic reasons to love International Beer Day

    Crack a bottle of craft beer, drink it down and pat yourself on the back. 

    Congratulations — you just celebrated the most important holiday of the year (or at least the week.) Today is International Beer Day, a revelry of brews and how they've brought us together for centuries. But beer isn't the only reason to love this great holiday. There are three more, in fact.

    1. Rainbows

    It is commonly believed that rainbows are the effect of light reflecting off rain drops, which then break sunlight into seven colors. This is incorrect. Rainbows actually occur when a new, wonderful and before-then nonexistent beer is brewed. You just heard your local micro-brewery made a delicious peppermint blonde ale? Look toward the sky; you'll see a rainbow. (Editor's note: that beer sounds terrible.)

    2. Unicorns

    Unicorns are dope. Too bad they're extinct (though North Korea did find a unicorn burial site.) What few people realize, though, is that unicorns' horns first introduced humans to beer. You see, the tip of their projectile functioned just as a tap does; tugging on their ear resulted in a steady stream of suds. Humans reverse-engineered the delightful unicorn juice and, voila!, beer was born. Thanks Unicorn Bros! Sorry you went extinct...

    3. Kittens

    Kittens are super cute. They're also the lords of all beer. When not sleeping, tugging on balls of string or chasing laser pointers, kittens consult each other telepathically, determining what beers are good, what beers are great and what beers are just plain bad. The good and great beers are allowed to remain in the ever-growing kingdom of brews. The bad beers, however, are extinguished with the telepathic smash of the Kitten Scepter. Thank a kitten the next time you see one; it may have saved your taste buds from bad beer.

    The more you know, you know? Happy International Beer Day, and cheers — Nic The Intern

    Follow New Belgium (and/or me) on Twitter.

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  • Let's look at pics from the Twin Cities Tour de Fat!

    The Twin Cities Tour de Fat happened Saturday (July 26) and it was super. So far this season we've had crazy weather (also see: RAIN, RAIN and RAIN), and while a few drops fell during set-up, Saturday turned out to be gorgeous. The sun came out, the humidity dropped and the beer flowed. I already posted a few photos from the Twin Cities show (as well as some words on why this year was awesome), but figure there's no such thing as too many pictures of beer-drinking, costume-wearing, bike-riding shenanigans. 

    Oh, did I mention that the 5,000 attendees raised nearly $40,000 for our cycling-related nonprofit partners in Minnesota?! They're Midtown Greenway Coalition, Minneapolis Off Road Cycling Advocates, and Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota, btw.

    Cheers — Nic The Intern 

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  • Tour de Fat Twin Cities was Tw-underful

    Oh Twin Cities, how I love them so. 

    Technically the Tour de Fat is held in Minneapolis, which — despite being the coldest major city in the U.S. — has one of the country's most active and dedicated cycling scenes. People are super friendly everywhere you go, and Prince is from Minneapolis. There are more reasons to love the Twin Cities, but I doubt you need them; I just laid out a strong case.

    For obvious (and already substantiated) reasons we love coming here. The 2013 Twin Cities Tour de Fat suffered from some not-so-dry weather, and I'm happy to say this year was sunny, warm and beautiful. At least 4,000 craft beer-drinking cyclists turned out (the real number is likely higher, but we won't have that info until next week,) and they raised almost $40,000 for our nonprofit partners Midtown Greenway Coalition, Minneapolis Off Road Cycling Advocates, and Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota.

    So all and all I'd say it was a pretty great day, especially for cycling in the Twin Cities. I'll try and get some more photos up next week, but for now I'll leave you with a few from today's events. 

    Cheers — Nic The Intern

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