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New Belgium + Ben & Jerry’s Collaboration

When two B Corps come together, delicious ideas are created. Our mutual dedication to use business as a force for good inspired New Belgium and Ben & Jerry's to create an ice cream inspired beer. We knew that our combined efforts could demonstrate to a whole country of beer-lovin' ice cream fans that corporations have a responsibility to champion local causes and global issues.

About the Collaboration:
As Fellow B Corporations beholden to stakeholders, including the earth, our communities and the environment, New Belgium Brewing and Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream are excited to announce a partnership designed to please palates and raise awareness. New Belgium has developed a special release ice cream-inspired beer called Salted Caramel Brownie Brown Ale, set to hit markets in the fall of 2015. Both like-minded businesses have long championed similar causes such as minimizing carbon pollution and supporting sustainable agriculture.

Activism Hubs:
Call, email, tweet and write your governor while you're enjoying a pairing or learning about Protect our Winters and tell them, "I support the Clean Power Plan!"

Pour-Over Pairings:
We go together and ice cream! Don't believe us? Try our exclusive pairings menu, featuring combinations of New Belgium brews poured over Ben & Jerry's flavors.

About the Clean Power Plan:
It’s up to YOU to take action – which is now more important than ever! The Environmental Protection Agency recently released new standards for coal-fired power plants, dubbed the Clean Power Plan, which, for the first time, will limit dangerous carbon pollution. But these pollution limits are threatened, and we must act to defend and support them. Our friends at POW have made it easy for you to stand up for winter and the winter sports you love, by contacting your governor and telling them you support the Clean Power Plan. It's as simple as dialing, emailing, tweeting or writing your governor. Tell them you care about winter, and that you support the Clean Power Plan!

Want to learn more? 
Check out Protect Our Winters and support the Clean Power Plan.
Add your voice to the global climate movement.
Hop on over to New Belgium Brewing for more information about the collaboration beer with Ben & Jerry's!

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