Events which are less than 60 days out will be declined automatically.  Please do not fill out the form if your event is within the next two months.  We appreciate your consideration.

Please read these guidelines before submitting your application.

We at New Belgium love to get involved. We sponsor a whole bevy of cool events and goings on throughout the United States. And while we would like to align with all that is good and worthy, we sometimes have to gracefully decline.

A few things we look for when selecting events and sponsorship opportunities:

  • TIMING: Yep, it takes time to get the beer there. So, start talking to us at least two months to a year prior to your event. For large events, we generally need even more time.
  • BRANDING: It’s important that your event allows us to showcase what New Belgium is all about. We look for PLAYFUL, UNIQUE, and DELIGHTFUL events. We’re a folly following bunch, and we like to support fellow folly followers.
  • SUSTAINABILITY: From brewing beer to building events, we want to do all we can to reduce our footprint. That’s why we partner with like-minded organizations. In addition, we’re very interested in events that support environmental non-profits.  We are members of 1% For the Planet and hope to drive positive environmental change through our sponsorships. You’ll score brownie points by involving non-profits that are doing the same. Check out their website for more information!
  • PARTICIPATION: We prefer to be hands-on and on-premise with events. So, if you’re pitching a logo placement, we’ll generally pass unless it comes with a chance to meet and greet.
  • LOCATION: As much as we’d love to go to Maine or Oklahoma, for now, we have to wait. We’ll gladly consider events in the states we’re located. 
  • TEAMS/INDIVIDUAL ATHLETES: Due to the overwhelming amount of requests we get to sponsor athletic teams and individuals, we decided it’s just too hard to pick. So, aside from a few family and friend’s teams, we pass on these types of sponsorships.
  • BANDS: Ditto on the above.

If your event fits these guidelines, then continue to the Sponsorship Application. When you’ve submitted your completed application we will send you a quick email to confirm we received it. The Vibe Squad will then review your application and get back to you within three weeks.