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  • Snapshot Wheat, and Press Play Wednesday!

    We're back at the Mothership, back from the road, back from the journey into the inner spirit of awkward fun. All I can say is this – we conquered the world. At least a world made from a homemade portrait studio in the back of a van and lots of American places. We hit the whole country, from Seattle to Tampa. We met billions of new friends and we snapped trillions of portraits along the ...

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  • The end of the line…

    The Snapshot Wheat photo mobile has hit its last stop, Seattle Washington. We will be all over town today, having fun, taking portraits. Check this link to see if you can make it to any of the events… But before we think too much about today, let's take a look at yesterday. San Francisco was a really nice time. Don't believe me? Check these out: 

    See what I mean? Pure gold.

    I have to get ...

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  • #SnapshotWheat is back on the road

    The New Belgium #SnapshotWheat photomobiles are (once again) cruising around the country, taking fun photos and making new friends. I, Juicebox, and our road companions took a couple days off over the weekend to catch up on sleep, and now we're back on the road for round two.

    I had fun in the D.C. area last night, and Juicebox is currently in Los Angeles. Check out the rest of our dates up and down the ...

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  • Snapshot Chicago, Dawg!

    New Belgium's #SnapshotWheat Tour just wrapped in the Windy City, and we had a blast. I always forget how beautiful this city is (even during the winter), but was reminded of its spirit as soon as we slipped by Wrigley Field. 

    We're on our way to Grand Rapids today, looking to have (even) more fun before we wrap-up the first leg of the #SnapshotWheat Tour. Check out some pictures from yesterday, and find out where ...

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  • Austin was a hoot!

    Many good times were had in Austin. That town likes to party and it showed. We had a few grocery stops, and then it was on to Bangers for more awkward portraits. We pulled the Photomobile right onto their patio, a big brass band surrounded us, and we let the camera rip. Here are a couple of the good ones: 

    Lots more stops, click this link to see if any are newer you…



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  • Snapshot Wisconsin!

    Hey all, Nic here. I've been on the road the last few days touring in the Snapshot photomobile and snapping pictures across the country. We're in Madison, Wisconsin, on our way to Milwaukee, and thought I'd share a few images from yesterday's stop. Make sure to check out the #SnapshotWheat website to find out if the van is heading your way. Cheers — Nic The Intern

    (The corgi image is actually from Minneapolis, but I ...

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  • Snapshot-enanigans!

    The Snapshot fun is going and here we are, a million miles into an ice covered Texas, and nothing can stop us now. Denver and Dallas are in the rearview and Austin is starting to peek over the horizon. Here's a smattering of the joy we've seen so far:

    If you want to get in on the awkward, and get your Christmas card taken care of early, we have lots more stops. Click this link ...

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  • Let the #SnapshotWheat Tour begin!

    New Belgium's hitting the road and bringing an entire photo studio along the way. That's right, Juicebox and I are jumping in a couple vans and touring the country, taking pictures and spreading New Belgium love. It's all part of the #SnapshotWheat Tour (you can check out all the cities we're swinging through here). 

    So, what exactly is the #SnapshotWheat Tour? Well, we grabbed two vans, wrapped the exteriors with awesome graphics and built ...

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  • Press Play Wednesday! (#SnapshotWheat)

    It's time for Press Play Wednesday again, and this one's special. See, Juicebox and I are hitting the road in a couple of vans converted into mobile photo studios. We're taking as many awkward pictures as we can along the way. Check out the cities we'll head to over the next couple weeks, and post photos to Instagram and Twitter tagged #snapshotwheat to join in the fun.

    See you on the road!

    Cheers — ...

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  • #SnapshotWheat

    Snapshot Wheat is on the shelves and in your hands and people are loving it. I love it too. It's refreshing, tart, easy and delicious. The other great thing is the camera on the label. That camera, and its associated nostalgia and creativity, has brought us to this, the here and now. We will be hitting the road and taking pictures and portraits and talking to the fine people of the beer drinking world. I ...

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