Philanthropy FAQ

Is there a modified application for organizations with a "proven track record"?

At this time there is not a modified application for organizations with a proven track record.

I am working on submitting an online grant application. Is it possible to save my application and work on it over time, or does the entire application need to be completed at once?

The online form does not allow for saving. We suggest you work on the form offline and complete the online application once you are confident the form is complete.

We do work in both Youth Environmental Education and Sustainable Agriculture. Can we apply for grants in both areas ? Are there cases in which one organization would a receive a grant in both areas in the same year ?

You are welcome to apply for grants in multiple cycles. However, an organization will only ever receive funding for one cycle each year.

Is there advice you can provide that would help us decide which grant category to apply for?

In the spirit of keeping consistent with potential grantees, we ask you reference our Community Philanthropy site for the most up to date information regarding our funding priorities to determine your best alignment within each cycle.

I noticed on your website that New Belgium requests organizations take a year off of requesting support after three sequential years of funding, but was wondering if you would accept a proposal for support of a different project?

The funding constrain applies at the organizational level not the program level. All organizations receiving consecutive funding over a three year period are not eligible for funding for one calendar year. Even if such an organization was to apply for funding in a different cycle or for different programming, it would not qualify for support.

Our non-profit has applied for funds from the New Belgium in the past and also applied for funding from the New Belgium Family Foundation. Does the Company and the Foundation typically avoid overlapping beneficiaries?

No. At this time we see no conflict and invite you to apply.

I just wanted to clarify what this term “sponsorship” entails and if in-kind donations are included or not?

Event sponsorships:  Opportunities to partner with organizations interested in trading New Belgium brand exposure for product or sponsorship dollars.

Product donations:  In kind donations of beer and groovy goods to benefit worthy causes  e.g. wearables, bike, etc.

Funding:  Donations of money e.g. grants, Liquid Center tips, etc.

I am wondering if there is a requirement that applicants be members of 1% for the Planet? Do members receive preference?

There is no 1% for the Planet requirement and members do not receive preference.

It would be helpful for us to know why fiscally sponsored organizations do not qualify for funding - do you mind explaining?

Years ago, this distinction was made out of necessity. As you know, we are primarily in the business of making world class beer and are not a foundation. We simply get inundated with applications every grant cycle. Without some limitations, we would not be able to devote the time and resources necessary to review each funding request at the high standard we set. We have to narrow the pool of applicants somehow. For this reason, we’ve chosen to require a 501(c)3 designation from our applicants.

I see the deadline is May 31, but I do not see a specific time. We are closed Monday for Memorial Day and I’m wondering if I should submit the grant Friday or if it would be OK to submit it during the day on Tuesday.

The deadline for the grant cycle is as posted, midnight on May 31st.

We were looking at your grant opportunities and wondering whether you ever fund projects that are internationally based?

At this time we don’t offer funding for projects on the international level. We offer support for projects within the states where we distribute our beer.