The Carbon Footprint of a 6-Pack of Fat Tire Amber Ale

Aug 18, 2008

At New Belgium, we're not only passionate about great beer, it's also important to us to try to be a role model of sustainable business practices. We're figuring out what that means as we go along.

Conducting the Life Cycle Assessment is another chapter in the legacy of environmental stewardship begun by Kim and Jeff 17 years ago. It's a tool to improve not just the sustainability of our company, but of our industry, too.

What is a Life Cycle Assessment?
The accounting of material and energy flows during each stage of a productâs life and the assessment of associated environmental impacts.

Why did we do it?
�To decrease our carbon footprint per barrel as we grow
�To be accountable for environmental impact throughout product lifecycle
�To get data to focus our efforts to have the biggest impact

What was the total carbon footprint?
3,189 grams of CO2e.

Now, 3,189g in and of itself is kind of a meaningless number. However, it provides a baseline to measure the results of future improvements and, most revealing, is what makes up that number. There definitely were some surprises.

Check it out: The LCA of Fat Tire

Here's to taking a step forward with our footprint.