Sustainability stories

Thanks for taking the time to familiarize yourself with our approach to business here at New Belgium. On this page, you'll find some stories which illustrate who we are, and why we do what we do. Our commitment towards sustainability began on day one of New Belgium’s history when environmental stewardship made it into the first draft of the company’s Core Values and Beliefs, and carries through to today. Happy reading!

Let's talk about the future (of craft beer).

May 10, 2011

Environmental stewardship is something that NBB holds close to the heart.  Honoring the earth at every turn is something that all citizens of the world (especially the corporate citizens) should be embracing. 

In the craft beer industry as a whole there are huge steps being taken to lessen our collective impact on the earth and its resources, the process efficiencies at Full Sail, the organic material sourcing at Asher Brewing, the sustainable transport of those materials at Schlafly (to name just a couple).  The craft beer industry is trying to very hard to make the best beer possible with the best practices possible.  New Belgium's own Chief Sustainability Officer Jenn Orgolini just wrote an article for The New Brewer focusing on the future of craft beer and craft brewing in regards to sustainability.  Take  gander (click on the cover shot to the right for the link to the article) and please enjoy.   

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