Packaging Reduction Goals

Mar 31, 2014

We mentioned back in January that we would be posting packaging goals later this year, and we are happy to report that they are ready for your viewing pleasure. Please check them out!

Our packaging goals fall into four general categories. We dive into each in the linked document, but in general we are focused upon Source Reduction, Sustainable Material Selection & Design, Optimizing Efficiency, and Recovery & Recycling Advocacy. 

As we looked to the future in setting these objectives, it was pretty enjoyable to take stock of the past and celebrate what we have accomplished & learned on the sustainable packaging journey. A few highlights from recent years:

  • We have light-weighted our bottle twice over the years, now at minimum weight while maintaining integrity, in order to reduce both raw materials & fuel required to transport our product.
  • We have removed our paperboard dividers from bottled beer 12-packs, folly packs, and 22-oz 12-packs over the past several years. In 2013 alone, this design change saved us around $720,000 and 417 tons of material.
  • We use 100% recycled content paperboard for our 6-pack carriers and canned beer 12-packs. Our bottled beer 12-pack carriers are about 70% recycled content, with the virgin material coming from an FSC certified source.
  • Our aluminum cans are about 68% recycled content.
  • Our glass bottles come from just 20 miles down the road in Windsor, Colorado, and our aluminum cans come from about 50 miles away in Golden.
  • We use no disposable materials for spacing/quality in our shipping.

That's it for now from Team Sustainability. 

Happy Spring! -- Ginger