Driving trucks and breaking hearts

Jul 15, 2014

So we just did a photo shoot at the brewery. And this isn’t for your typical tasty beer pic; this photo shoot featured some very handsome men and some very sexy, fuel-efficient vehicles. What’s more, it was done in the name of greenhouse gas reductions. Random yet intriguing, no?!

Both the fellas and the wheels in this particular photo shoot happened to be from our Brewery Direct Service (BDS) team, which is the group of New Belgium coworkers who deliver our beer to bars, restaurants & liquor stores all over our hometown turf of Fort Collins. Not only do these hard-working folks sling countless kegs up narrow staircases and down dark alleys day in and day out, but they are also environmental ninjas who have reduced their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by a whopping 53% per mile since 2006! All this while selling A LOT more beer! Now that calls for a celebration, boys. Might as well jump!


“How is this possible???,” you ask with your eyes wide and hands shaking in the air. Well, for one, our BDS buds are all masterful eco-drivers (Did you know smart driving can improve fuel efficiency 33%? ßclick that link to learn some tricks for yourself!). High efficiency driving pairs incredibly well with high efficiency vehicles and the BDS fleet is made up of a few straight trucks (like small tractor trailers) used to deliver beer, and a handful of small passenger vehicles for running around to various accounts to do quality & service check-ins. So we’ve got two Kenworth hybrid electric delivery trucks driving your beer around town, plus five Prius hybrid cars and two Nissan Leaf plug-in electric cars! That’s some line-up. (sidenote: You’re welcome to plug in your own electric car outside our tasting room while you enjoy a taster… jus sayin.)

Do you know what else we have?  BIKES. Are you surprised? No… probably not. New Belgium’s love affair with the bicycle is long-lived and well storied. But you know what might surprise you? That BDSer, Erik “Dobber” Nilstoft, is doing his sales routes (between 20-30 miles a day) on his bike! We’ll be posting our “DOBBER RADAR” to the website soon, so keep a sharp eye out.

In the meantime, if you’re voyaging to beer mecca in Fort Collins, cheers your beers to your BDS friends for doing a super hero job of saving money, saving the world, and getting that cold beer from the brewery to the bar stool in which you sit! 

Ride On -- Ginger