New Belgium's Beer Mode app

What’s new? Everything.

We re-brewed the Beer Mode app from the ground up, and it’s delicious. It’s faster, smarter, easier to use and, most importantly, totally ready to help you quickly learn about and find your favorite New Belgium beers, events and exclusive goodies.

The beer menu is faster than ever, and so is finding beer nearby and getting directions for that critical beer run.

We added a Feed to keep you up to speed on new releases, exclusive content about new beers, events like Tour de Fat and Clips Beer and Film, and promotions with rad prizes.

Log in (Grand Cru membership) is simpler, and you can now edit your account and set and change your favorite beers and styles in the app.

The Beer Mode feature is taking a slight break (even digital personalities need to disconnect), but will return shortly.

Look for frequent updates as we continue to improve and build in all the features you want. Got an idea? Let us know!

Our in-house team of employee-owners did all the work. We think you’ll love the love they put into Beer Mode.

Beer Mode launch screen
Beer Mode feed
Beer Mode beer detail
Beer Mode beer menu
Beer Mode beer nearby