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Derek Kennedy, Cheese Aficionado, recommends:
Berry Appreciation

The trick here is to move face forward toward the raspberry flavor. So go bold. Go big. Bombard the palate with a Blue D'Auverne, the cow's milk cousin of Roquefort. The creaminess of the cheese, with that unmistakable blue cheese body, when paired with Frambozen reaches new heights of shared experiences. Following the same idea is a Lemon Stilton from England that will dash from the gates as a race of flavor intertwining between the lemon and the raspberry and be deftly held together by the brown ale body.

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Holiday Food Ideas »

Perry Dickerson, our Packaging Quality Analyst, recommends:
Holiday Food Ideas

Frambozen is a holiday treat that deserves a special holiday meal pairing.  A favorite winter meal for me that complements Frambozen is seared duck breast accompanied by mushroom risotto with duck confit and fresh herbs.  Duck has a nice full flavor and fatty character that tends to bring the gentle raspberry notes of FZ out.  The caramel maltiness of Frambozen plays in concert with the risotto and duck confit mixture so they work in harmony.  

Frambozen is also a great treat after a fine meal and can be easily paired with sweet desserts.  One particularly nice combination is a spicy cayenne pepper chocolate cake and FZ.  The spicy cake is nicely contrasted by the malty sweetness and subtle fruit tones in Frambozen.  Of course, one can never go wrong by adding a dollop of homemade raspberry ice cream to their cake and washing it down with Frambozen.

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Goat Cheese Brix, Frisee, Purple Potato Salad and Chive »

Chef Todd Davies, Partner of Tap House Grill, recommends:
Goat Cheese Brix, Frisee, Purple Potato Salad and Chive

 The raspberry is quickly cut with the flaky buttery filo crust of the sharp goat cheese as are the malts; the creamy roasted purple fingerling potatoes complement the caramely malts; the peppery frisee also cuts the sweetness of the raspberry. The pine nuts enhance the malty finish.