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Hawaiian Short Ribs and Citrus Fennel Salad »

Matt Jones-Denver/South Front Ranger Area Manager
Hawaiian Short Ribs and Citrus Fennel Salad

Though a rare move in the Jones house, we set to work on home projects this weekend. On our to-do list were broken bikes, garden bed tilling and deciding what to do with  our dandelion covered lawn. What better way to ponder this than drinking the plant itself. We loved the idea of sweet juicy ribs and refreshing bitter fennel to bring out the contrasting flavors of this beer.  The ribs get a blend of asian spices, oils and vinegars that are easy to prep. Throw them in the slow cooker and get your honey-do list out. 

After 4 hours of sweet sweat and toil, toss some pineapple chunks in with the mix and start prepping your salad. After an hour, dinner is served, and not a moment too soon. We hope you enjoy the pairing, it’s sweet, refreshing and satisfying. Just like a good spring afternoon in the garden. 

Shopping List

Hawaiian Short Ribs
4lbs (6 pieces) of Short Ribs
1 c. Soy Sauce
6 TBS Rice Vinegar
2 c Pineapple Chunks
2” of Ginger Root
4 clv Garlic
2 Red Onions
1.5c Dark Brown Sugar (lt brown works fine)
1 TBS Sriracha
Fennel Salad
1 bulb Fennel (with stalks if possible)
2 C Arugula
1 Orange
1 TBS Apple Cider Vinegar
4 TBS Olive Oil
1/4 tsp Salt
1 c. Jasmine Rice

At Noon:
Get your slow cooker out
Peel and thinly slice the 2” of ginger root
Smash 4 cloves of garlic
Chop red onions into 1.5” pieces
Place those in the bottom of the slow cooker
Tightly pack the ribs on top
Whisk 1C. Soy Sauce, 6 TBS Rice Vinegar, 1.5C. Brown Sugar, 1TBS Sriracha and pour evenly over the ribs
Set the cooker on high and timer for 4hrs.

4 hours later:
Get your chopping board, super sharp knife, zester and juice squeezing device out
Flip the pieces of meat gently in the slow cooker
Add in the 2C of pineapple chunks, cover and set
Begin cooking the rice ( 1C of dry rice per 2 people)
Start on your salad: Zest a full orange and squeeze the juice out into a bowl
Whisk into the orange mixture the 4 TBS of Olive Oil, 1TBS Apple Cider Vinegar and 1/4tsp of Salt
Cut the top off the fennel, but keep it. Thinly slice the bulb, do not chop, keep the slices long but thin.
Mix the fennel and orange mixture and let sit for 20 minutes to mellow out the fennel bitterness
After 20 minutes, mix in the 2C. of Arugula and toss Keep about 2 TBS of the light thin fennel fronds and toss into the finished rice
Grab your chilled bottle of Paardebloem, some globe glasses and enjoy!

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Paardebloem Eggs Brettadict »

Geoff Rifkin-VA Beach Ranger
Paardebloem Eggs Brettadict

Paardebloem Eggs Brettadict or Paardebloem Bretta Barnyard Benedict

I created this dish with executive chefs Jesse Wykle and Jarrod Rosenburg

Our Eggs Bretta-dict  incorporates a locally fried duck egg, house-cured bacon, grilled halloumi cheese,  and dandelion greens all sitting on toasted sourdough bread.   This dish is garnished with a homemade sriracha choron sauce.

Each component of this dish speaks differently to the complex notes of New Belgium’s Paardebloem Ale.  Lets talk Brunch!

The rich fried duck egg is the centerpiece of this dish, balancing the lactic tartness of the blended Oak Aged Felix.  The grilled halloumi cheese carries briny acidic notes, which contrast the subtle tropical fruity characteristics of the wild yeast Bretta Claussenii.  The crispy, salty, fatty bacon again adds another layer playing  with our addition of sweet peach juice.  Garnishing our dish with fresh, local dandelion greens is a no brainer as the perfect complement in our delightful summer ale.  The use of toasted sourdough bread plays off our complex malt bill of Rye,  Dark Wheat, Munich, Pale, and German Pilsner Malt.  Here is the kicker…the sweet heat of the Sriracha Choron sauce both compliments and contrasts the sweet and slightly spicy notes of our Paardebloem collabeeration.  BOOM!