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Old cheese, new flavors! »

Derek Kennedy, Cheese Aficionado, recommends:
Old cheese, new flavors!

The sweetness of this true to Belgian-style Abbey asks to be either cut through or played with. One way to make a precision incision is a goat Chevre where the simple structure of the cheese will slice itself deep into the body of the beer while still maintaining the life of the brew. A play date can be achieved by finding one of Abby's cousins, the Belgian Trappist cheeses, still made by monks in Chimay or Maredsous.


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Crispy Cajeta cheesecake, platanos, fosters style »

Chef Todd Davies, Partner of Tap House Grill, recommends:
Crispy Cajeta cheesecake, platanos, fosters style

 Cajeta is a sweetened goats milk.  Make a cheesecake (eggs and cream cheese), cook and cool, freeze, cut into strips, roll in a flour tortilla, then cook the peeled plantains in the cajeta and finish with a little abbey.  The banana flavor of the abbey, complemented by the cajeta, and the plantains -- delicious!