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Derek Kennedy, Cheese Aficionado, recommends:
Cheesy thoughts...

With this pale ale it is tricky to find a cheese that compliments the cascade hops without overpowering the wonderful bitter notes. Try a true Italian Provolone, the aged version of mozzarella that has memorable nutty undertones. Another fine choice for foodies would be Fontina Valle D'Aosta (the true Fontina) from high in the Alps that has the dry finish to cruise around with pale ale.

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A Meaty Delight »

Melissa Newell, Owner of Terroir Restaurant, recommends:
A Meaty Delight

This was my first time trying this beer. Sweet but its maltiness on the nose balanced with floral hops on the palate made this medium to full bodied pale ale one of my immediate favorites out of the New Belgium line-up. This is the beer that I feel you can taste the brewery in. Grilled meats, especially those with higher fat content, would be perfect pairings for this beer. For instance, a sausage, tri-tip sirloin, or flank steak. Something with substance. Don't waste your time (or dollars) grilling a tenderloin filet for this beer. For vegetarians, I would highly recommend pairing barbequed home-made seitan (fermented wheat gluten). And, never, overrate this beer's quaffability with pizza. Not overly hoppy, this beer would complement any late night pizza pie.

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Braised Halibut Cheek »

Chef Todd Davies, Partner of Tap House Grill, recommends:
Braised Halibut Cheek

Sweet balanced malts with familiar but not overpowering cascade hops.  Sugar-stewed kumquats, a tiny citrus fruit similar to a bitter grapefruit, really pulls out the cascade hops . The sweet halibut cheek cries for a sweet bitter citrus, while the creamy potato tart cuts the hop and accentuates the malt (and acts like a bridge for the flavor). The English peas (candy of the vegetable world) play into the sauce and the hops beautifully.