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Foie Gras au Torchon with Brioche and Sour Cherry »

Scott Neuman, Executive Chef- Oba Restaurant and Hall Street Grill
Foie Gras au Torchon with Brioche and Sour Cherry

Wow, what a mouthful; I was a little shocked at first (as I am with all sour beers) at the electric acidity, but after the first sip, I knew this is a beer I could fall in love with -
If it isn't too controversial, I'd love to have this with a traditional foie gras au torchon with brioche and sour cherry compote -  the richness and creaminess of the foie would nicely complement the sour acidity in the beer; if that's too politically incorrect, I'd want a rotisserie-roasted free range chicken, brined in brown sugar, salt, nutmeg and cayenne, basted with a sundried tomato and goat cheese butter  with some creamy polenta.  Or it could be an interesting dessert with a peach tart tatin with peach frozen yogurt.