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Rampant Food Pairings

Hot off the griddle or the grill, pair your faves at your local greasy spoon!


Chicken fried steak and eggs covered in creamy gravy with hash browns.  Big beers deserve big meals. The hops boost the salty, rich and savory then scour away any lingering fat.  Match food strength with beer strength.

Pecan Chicken Salad.  Spinach, cranberries, mandarin oranges, bacon, tomatoes and gorgonzola.  A salad of spinach greens and tart citrus that’s bold enough for this beer. Pungent cheese and salty bacon plays well with  Rampant’s hop bitterness.

Cinnamon Roll French Toast with half dozen strips of bacon!  A strange trip that’s worth the journey.  While the sweetness accentuates Rampant’s booziness, the salty bacon will tame that bitter bite. The result? A fun contrasting synergy that’ll bring tasty repercussions.  Consider contrasting elements.

Hedonism! More dessert! No joke.

Spicy Ginger Cream Cheese Carrot Cake Muffin. Rampant's sweet malt backbone and hop fruit juiciness will work nice with a rich dessert muffin. A muffin that’ll keep the beers spicy alcohol and hop bitter in its place!

Grilled hickory BBQ bacon burger and a side of fresh cut fries.  Made for an imperial IPA, this burger’s charred crusts and rare, meaty middle complement Rampant’s sweet malts and bitter hops.