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Food Pairings »

Simple Sunshine »

Derek Kennedy, Cheese Aficionado, recommends:

It's important for neither the beer nor the cheese to overpower the other so I find wonderful simplicity to work best with Sunshine Wheat. Creamy French brie or an Italian fontina is perfect in that they have their own character but won't hide the fruitiness or mild spices.


Gambas Al Ajillo »

Melissa Newell, Owner of Terroir Restaurant, recommends:

An easy drinking beer, this wheat beer with great acidity, a nice citrus nose, and balanced hops would pair nicely with many summertime faves. For instance, slightly spicy dishes such as Gambas Al Ajillo (a Spanish dish consisting of chili, garlic, and white wine sautéed shrimp) and pan seared lighter fleshed seafood with a citrus vinaigrette are perfect. Make sure not to overwhelm this beer with too much spice or too heavy of a sauce...let this beer's true colors shine through.

Pork Osso Bucco with rutabaga, watercress, and gremoulata »

Chef Todd Davies, Partner of Tap House Grill, recommends:

I braise the pork in apple cider, tomato (for acidity), garlic (for depth), and sunshine wheat.  The apple compliments the tartness and finish of the yeasts.  The rutabaga, also braised in cider, is sweet and tart to complement the malts.  The peppery watercress contrasts the yeasts, while the gremoulata (breadcrumb, parsley, cilantro, orange zest) accentuates the spices of the beer.