Small-batch. Cork-and-cage. Can't-miss.

The Wood Cellar Reserve is a series of very rare, small batch wild & sour ales expertly aged by the most award-winning sour brewery in America. From individual barrel expressions, fruit & spice experimentation and fermentation explorations, the Wood Cellar Reserve represents our most ambitious efforts in our two biggest passions – wood and beer. Experience these beers now or properly cellar for a later date. The beer inside contains the longest, continuous souring culture in America and will develop in the bottle for up to five years. Each batch is hand-bottled, conditioned for months, and 100% naturally carbonated allowing for the perfect texture and carbonation that our blenders intended for the beer.

Le Kriek Noir

Introducing the Wood Cellar Reserve: Le Kriek Noir, an authentic Belgian Kriek Lambic blended with traditional, oak-aged dark sour and aged in the same wine barrels that began our sour program in 1998. Our first release, Le Kriek Noir, will only be sold at our Fort Collins and Asheville breweries as quantities are extremely limited.

Single Foeder Oscar No. 65

Some things will only happen once. Only once will our brewer, Ted, win a foeder in a late night bowling bet in St. Louis, MO, with our good friends from Foeder Crafters of America. Only once will fresh beer touch this new American oak for the first time. Only once will you experience the subtle, smooth, vanilla-like notes extracted from this new foeder. And only once will we bottle this expression.