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Happy New Year, what a year!

Dec 29, 2015

Happy holidays and nearly New Year to you and yours!

The last 3 years have been a marathon with literally thousands of people and hundreds of partners getting this brewery, Liquid Center and Distribution Center up and running. Guys, we are getting so close to Asheville-brewed beer and we are so grateful! 

It's getting steamy up in here! We are test brewing and aiming for saleable Asheville-brewed beer in early 2016. We’ll open our Liquid Center (tasting room) by the end of February with a special Asheville opening weekend in early April. In April, you’ll also be able to sign up online for a tour of our Asheville brewery. We’ll host a grand opening and 25th anniversary celebration in August and we’ll keep you posted when tickets come available.

NewBelgiumAVL_Brewhouse BrewHouse_Nov15

Packaging Hall
Sawtooth PackagingHall
Liquid Center
 LCRendering LCandBrewHouse2015
Distribution Center
012014NewBelgiumDCRendering_FinkleWilliams DC

Here are some more fun pics of the process. 

Our new home: When we went looking for an east coast home, one thing that was a little unusual about our search was that we were looking for a brownfield site or a site that needed some love, some environmental improvements, in order to be useable. Our partners helped us clean it up and reuse some of the materials. During that process we’ve been fortunate to learn a lot about the history of this place as well as West Asheville. We’ll work with West Asheville Business Association to share some of that history with you next year. Here’s a sneak peek from our film friends Industrious Productions.

Hiring: We have about 50 people on board in Asheville now, and expect about 90 by the time we open this spring. At full build out, we’ll have about 150 people on our Asheville team. In January 2013, founder Kim Jordan sold her share of the company to the ESOP, so that we could bring on employee owners in Asheville.

Artists: This region is full of amazingly skilled artists and craftspeople. We’ve worked with a great number of artists and artisans in this process. They've helped us make this place feel like home. We hope you think so too.

Community: We worked with the community and the City of Asheville to cut in half the number of our trucks traveling on Haywood Road

With the partnership of eight different Asheville breweries and a handful of partners, Brewing for Greenways has raised about $14,000 for Friends of Connect Buncombe since June 2015. We were proud to kick off this initiative with our friends at Highland Brewing Company and plan on more to come! We’ll continue to be active in our new home as we get up and running. 

Speculation: As to recent speculation around our ownership structure, there is no deal on the table. We look forward to growing our team, honoring our commitments, and continuing to be a responsible and engaged member of the Asheville community.


April 2012 – New Belgium + Asheville

2013 - Site Preparation, Deconstruction and Community Engagement

May 2014 – Groundbreaking, Brewery and Liquid Center

January 2015 – Brew house Vessels Arrive and Hiring Begins

March 2015 – Fermentation Vessels Arrive

May 2015-Distribution Center Complete

December 2015 – Asheville Brewed Beer, Test Brewing

Thanks for hanging with us along this journey. See you soon. We CAN NOT wait to host you, friends!