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You like food right? And how about beer?

Aug 27, 2010

I was strolling around Whole Food's this morning doing a little gathering (in the modern hunter/gatherer kind of way) and finding some cheese to present at a good friend's wedding this weekend (in lieu of a gift the soon to be nuptialed couple has asked us all to bring a specific food item, I got the cheese plate (and it is going to be the best cheese plate in the whole world, cows, goats and sheep will all be accounted for, not to mention the crackers)).  And as the rest of my grocery getting was happening I decided to peruse the meat case.  As you may know Whole Foods has a great meat counter, great product, helpful staff, and selection to beat the band.  And as you may also know I love sausages (brats, Italian, hot dogs, etc..).  The pairing of my love for this style of meat and the selection at Whole Foods is like unicorns and rainbows; a perfect harmony.  As I was inspecting all of my choices I came across this:

 A beer brat made with NBB's own 1554!  This is amazing!  The fellow behind the case said that it was one of his favorites (and I didn't even tell him that I work for New Belgium until later).  I believe his quote was "if this sausage was a cologne I would spray it all over myself".  That is saying something (really).  So it is obvious what is for dinner at the JUICEBOX house tonight, and I bet you can guess what the beer pairing is going to be, that's right: 1554 (an Enlightened Black Ale).  It is my hope that this pairing brings out those rich, dark flavors from the 1554 and shows off the summery-ness that is possible from this dark beer as well as display the fun of bar-b-queing sausage after work (a side dish will also be eaten).  I will keep you informed about the results.

And, up for this coming Tuesday's blog post is a trip to the famed New Belgium corking line.  I will take you all through the process of corking bottles as well as the special beer that was put in there.  Stay tuned.



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