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Sep 10, 2010

This has been a busy week.  The Tour de Fat, then Labor Day, followed by a few days of meetings in which I spent my time learning ways to better communicate with  those around me (not court sanctioned (btw)).  And at the conclusion of yesterday's session I rode my bicycle on back to New Belgium HQ and helped the crew slang a few tasters.  It was busy in the Liquid Center and my co-workers looked as though they could use a spare hand or two (I have two).  So I stepped up and filled some miniature glasses with beer and leaned in to discuss different subjects with different people (or as I like to call it: doing my my job (hard work but someone has to do it)). .  Then I came across a woman that was reading a book at the bar.  Normally an action such as this requires the bartender to leave the guest alone and let them read in peace while quietly wondering why this person would be reading at a bar, but that just isn't my style.  I rested my forearms on the bar in front of the woman (I later learned that her name is Emily) and said "whatcha' reading?"  This is the question that most reading types hate while they are mid-sentence (reading types love the question if the book is not open in front of them).  She responded "Science Fiction".  I have never been much of a sci-fi fan but I am a fan of talking to people and also I wanted to get to what was really on my mind, why is this woman was reading in a bar and on top of that how does she have the concentrational fortitude to pull it off.  It turns out that she just was caught up in the book and couldn't put it down and that led me to assume that she didn't have any beer at home so reading in the Liquid Center was her best option.  These things all piled together answered my more deep rooted question and I took away from this conversation with Emily that all it takes to find yourself reading in the bar is a good book, one that totally sucks you in, and this is the type of book that I need to find, and purchase (or borrow), then read, vigorously.  My own book selection lately has left a little to be desired.  I have gone through a couple re-reads, a couple non-fictions, some trashy novels and man I wish I could just find something good.  So why am I talking about this here (and now)?  Because I would like to solicit the feedback of the world on this subject... What was the last good book that you read and who wrote it and why was it awesome?  Please good people, I need you're help, go ahead and comment and tell me what I should read.  It would be a huge help that in turn would be repaid with a gusto-filled high-5 (either real or virtual).

Then after my encounter with Emily I finished up my afternoon/early evening and began to mentally prepare for the Bike-in Movie.  The Thursday night bike-in movie is a late summer tradition around these parts and last night the movie was a little something different; a Clips of Faith screening.  The Clips of Faith is a fun event that we started doing this year that involves a short film festival (not overall length of the festival but, in fact, movies less than 10 minutes in duration), some awesome Lips of Faith beers, and supporting non-profits in communities around the country.  Read more about it here.  And last night (as previously stated) this show came to Fort Collins.  We even had the winning film makers present to introduce their movies.  It was super fun.  So I rolled up and realized I didn't have any money so I borrowed a few bucks from a friend got my wrist band and mosied on in.  The beer token situation is a little different at this event, for 5 bucks you get 5 tokens , to purchase one full pint of beer the volunteer would to take all 5 tokens, or you could exchange 1 token for a sample of a Lips of Faith beer.  This is the way to go in my opinion, last night I got to taste Eric's Ale, Fall Wild Ale, Biere de Mars and a few other beers (if you notice these beers are no longer available to purchase but the CoF got some hidden barrels and bottles and is taking them around the country with them).  This was so fun, watching short films, sitting in the grass and drinking awesome beers that you can no longer find, or beers that you can find but maybe have never heard of. Doesn't this sound like an unforgettable evening of fun and (dare I say) whimsy?  What this is leading up to here is a little piece of advice from me to you, go to this festival (there is only 4 left and in the southeast no less), and if not this year, go next year because it should be even better. 

And today folks I want to leave you with this:
That is a man constructed completely out of Jolly Ranchers, we call him "sweetness" and he like to party.
I'm out


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