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Some new stuff in the Liquid Center pipes.

Jan 05, 2011

Have you guys met Drew? 

He is our micro-biology intern here at the beer factory and a big ol' beer nerd to boot.  Among his many hours of interning and studying and general biology-ing Drew found time to take part in a contest among NBB co-workers recently.  In this contest three beers were mixed in one pitcher at different percentages and all of us had to hazard a guess as to what the three beers were and at what percentage.  Drew nailed it, I'm talking 100% accuracy (side note, I failed miserably) .  Upon guessing correctly Drew got to brew his own beer, that's right, a production run, the beer of his dreams, anything he wanted to do, and when finished we get to enjoy it.  He settled on a Czech style dark lager and it is super yummy, very crisp, sharp, roasty, smooth, and extremely drinkable. This is what a glass of Drew's beer looks like, dark and mysterious, like that cave you found when you were a kid but never dared to venture into because of the bear that most likely lived inside of it.  But there is no bear inside this beer, just great flavors, a lot of refreshment, and a strong, but not overly so 5.9% alcohol by volume (ABV), so venture into this beer my friends and give it a taste. 

We put Drew's beer on tap in the Liquid Center today, it is available for tasting as well as growler fills, so head on down to NBB HQ and get yourself some, you will not be disappointed.  Drew has created a wonderful beer and let me be the first to congratulate him on the internet, and let me be the first to fill your growler (I already filled mine).