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Jean Shorts January!

Jan 25, 2011

Today is my favorite day of the year... It is Jean Shorts January! And that means that all of us should be wearing our favorite pair of jorts and celebrating winter and also remembering that warmer days will return. 

Here is some history:  Last year it was really cold early on in January and I thought we all needed a reminder that spring (and then summer) was not that far off, it again would be warm enough to expose the bottom half of your legs (or more than that if you like your shorts short), so I came up with a wonderful National Holiday (still waiting on government accreditation (but it's coming)) called Jean Shorts January! (exclamation point for dramatic effect). On this day we wear jean shorts as if it were summer and have Fun doing awesome things in our jean shorts like high kicks and beer drinking.

If you don't have a pair of jean shorts don't worry, I have a simple solution.  Go get a pair of jeans out of your jeans drawer, now go get a scissors out of your scissors drawer (those are probably not the same drawer (but maybe)).  Now mark your jeans at the length of shorts that suits you best (remember- shorter is usually better, go above the knee) and then start cutting...Viola, you have jean shorts ready to be worn with panache and grace.  So lets do it world, lets all jump on the Jean Shorts January! sailboat of awesomeness, then we can sail to the cove of style paradise.  Wear your jorts with pride today and have a great time, you deserve it.