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My Joy Ride

Feb 18, 2011

I moved to Colorado in 1996 from the great state of Missouri.  In Missouri, in 1996 the craft beer landscape was not as vast is it is now, I thought beer was warm light American lagers, turns out I was very, very wrong.  I moved to Denver not knowing anyone and I was eager to make friends and eager to start drinking warm American lagers with more people than just myself. 

In the building I moved into there were a few dudes that lived upstairs from me and they seemed about my age and about my caliber (which was (and maybe still is) pretty low).  One Thursday morning I crossed paths with one of the fellows that lived upstairs and we struck up conversation.  By the end of our chat he had invited me to their apartment that night to enjoy a couple beers and fill in for their missing forth in a game of Eucher.  I had never played Eucher before but I was pretty good at drinking beers and needed some friends so I agreed.  That night I showed up and met the rest of the occupants of 3C and they offered me a beer, it was a weird looking beer with a funny bottle neck and a fancy label, to be honest it was the strangest looking beer I have ever seen, then I took a drink.  Holy crap, there was flavor, and a lot of it, I was taken aback.  I must have had a crazy look on my face and a little beer dribbling down my chin from the agaped-ness of my mouth because my new friends started laughing at this very mid-western transplant.  I said (maybe even shouted with excitement) "what is this?!"  One of the guys responded coolly "it's Fat Tire, it's made in Colorado."

My taste in beer was ever changed at that moment and to this day I consider those guys my best friends and Fat Tire my favorite beer.


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