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A Fractured Pelvis and Somersault, a Pair to be Remembered

Jul 07, 2011

So it was Sunday July 3rd (one day previous to America's birthday) and I was headed to breakfast.  A few of us were going to eat freshly cooked eggs and toast (with jam) and then go mountain biking.  The group was strong and ready to get a jump on the day's trail shredding.  I had the eggs and toast (with jam) and some hash-browned potatoes on the side.  Upon completing breakfast we headed up the hill, bikes on the roof and smiles on the face.

The trail is a lollipop, about 5 miles of stick and then 3 miles (and change) of actual lolli.  We rode the stick up, crossed the many creeks and hit the lolli.  It's fun, a big climb through a meadow and then some sweet rock features.  We were almost done with the lolli when we came upon a section that just isn't very fun, it looks like an asteroid field and the rocks are loose and big and it's short.  It's here that we turned around.  We decided to ride the lolli back the other way making the ride longer and more enjoyable.  Climbing the rock features was hard, but worth it because at the top was that big ol' meadow briefly mentioned above.  This meadow is ripping fast going down.  There are beautiful wildflowers and mountains and cliffs to stare at while descending this section, but you would be best served watching where you're going while cruising at a high pace (and not staring at the lovely scenery). This is where the fractured pelvis comes in.  I must have been staring off (not taking my own advice), enjoying the way the sun was reflecting off the purple patch of monkshoods because all of a sudden I hit the ground, very hard.  I was worried that some damage may have occurred on the internal side of things because I was immediately woozy and nauseous and screaming and it felt like someone had pushed me out of a moving car, hip first, into a pile of New York City trash cans.  My friends stopped and looked worried and I took their worried looks to mean that bones must be poking out from skin so I got up and did a quick compound fracture assessment (there was none).  So the next thing I could think about was laying down in my bed, so I got back on my bike and very slowly and with a tremendous amount of pain finished the lolli and the stick and then rolled back towards the parking lot.  At this point I could not walk, not even a little bit.  I needed help into the car and then someone drove me back into town where we met up with my wife and the two of us proceeded to the urgent care center.  X-rays showed a crack in my pelvis.  Then a couple days happened and shooting pains accompanied that passing of time and now I offer to you the pairing of a life-time: SOMERSAULT AND A FRACTURED PELVIS!

I woke up from a nap this afternoon (not going to work because of the busted pelvis has really allowed me to take the number of naps that my body requires) and I felt like a beer.  Crutching out to the fridge in the garage was probably not a good idea based on the stairs and the various obstacles in the way but I did it, I made it all the way there.  But when I opened up the fridge door and decided on a Somersault the next problem presented itself... how was I going to carry the beer back up the stairs, past the obstacles and into the house (I was wearing pajamas (pocket-less pajamas)).  Upon thinking long and hard I decided to clasp the beer bottle in my teeth and slowly make my way towards the couch.  There were trials and tribulations in the choice (ups and downs along the way) but I made it to that couch.  I sat down, cracked the bottle and tried to figure out why tremendous pain, crutches, a fractured pelvis and Somersault go together so well, and the answer is this:  Somersault is great, light, refreshing and carries a wonderful hint of apricot.  This wonderful summer beer just screams summer.  You can sit back and sip a Somersault and think about all the great summer-i-ness that is happening around you, the rope swing into the river, the margaritas on the patio, the mountain bike shredding on the trails, but not actually have to do any of it.  You can just sit there and enjoy the beer and know that if your pelvis wasn't broken you would totally being doing something outside, but it is broken so the beer and it's wonderful refreshment is all you have to do today.  The pair is perfect because the beer does all the work, it is so perfect that as soon as I can find a fanny pack within reach I am going back out to that fridge for another Somersault.  This busted pelvis isn't so bad after all.




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