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A sneak peek at something new and exciting...

Jul 19, 2011

Sometime last year (maybe September?) we here at New Belgium HQ released a Lips of Faith beer called Belgo IPA.  It was great, a hoppy IPA with a Belgian yeast, it offered up a wonderful juxtaposition of flavor, the hop bite of an IPA and the fruity esters of a traditional Belgian style.  A floral, citrusy zing opened the sip and then the nice fruit tone of the yeast came in swinging.  Belgo finished clean and dry and it asked (nay, begged) you to take another sip.  This beer developed a huge following and the people were clamoring for it.  We here at HQ saw this as an exciting new opportunity to bring out something new and more on the full time side of the spectrum. 

This is why I'm talking about Belgo IPA now... it is coming back, with a vengeance (like Bruce Willis in the third installment of the Die Hard series).  This beer is going to be the newest offering in the Explore Series (sitting comfortably next to Abbey, Trippel. Mothership Wit and Ranger IPA), which means full time (all year), and 12oz bottles.  Holy smokes!  The new (non-22oz) package also means that the awesome Belgo IPA disco ball will be front and center.  This is some of my favorite art that NBB has ever done.  Looking at the bottle just makes you want to turn on the disco ball affixed spot lights, crank up the turn table and party.  It screams late night fun with dancing and yelling and tight pants. 

So dust off your party hat and start looking for that shimmery Belgo disco ball (in a sixer) near you in the coming weeks, and get ready to cut loose.  Oh, and when I can get my hands on this beer for a tasting I will, and then I will tell you all about it.