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We made a new beer with Clutch, it's called Clutch, and it is great!

Aug 03, 2011

That's right folks, beer lovers and lovers of hard rock will be further intermingling by the end of this week (or maybe the next (depending where in our distribution area you live)) because Clutch is about to hit the shelves. 

This beer started as a chance encounter in a sandwich shop between a band (Clutch) and a fan (NBB brewer Eric Salazar), play the video to check out the story, it's pretty awesome.

Now that you're fully entertained (you know, visually) let's stimulate your mind and your taste buds.  Clutch is a dark sour ale, and a very good one.  After many minutes of wandering the beer factory looking for a bottle to sample I found hidden under a shelf in the cooler, I grabbed it and then gathered a few co-workers to have a tasting. Clutch is great.  This beer falls into our Lips of Faith category and is going to be available in 22oz bottles only.  There is a rich, chocolatey malt backbone that holds the beer very upright, good posture.  Most dark, malty beers (stouts) linger in my mouth, something about the sugars, it just seems to hang out for a long time.  This isn't a bad thing, but you have to like the flavor of the beer because it is not going anywhere soon.  With Clutch the flavor is fantastic but the lingering doesn't happen, the dark malty sugars hanging out on your tongue get wiped clean with the sour.  Clutch beer has just enough sour to be an edge, the edge is a sharp one, but not overpowering.  The sour-stout is a new style for me, I have never had a beer like this in my whole life, it's like a revelation.  It's reminiscent (almost) of a chocolate covered cherry, but a 9% ABV chocolate covered cherry.  The stout notes hold this beer up, in fact it would stand on it's own very well as a stout, without the sour, but the wood beer in the blend brings a new kind of punch, (to steal a line from a dear friend) it feels like an iron fist wrapped in a velvet glove.  This is another great beer to add to the door of your refrigerator, get some friends together, crank From Beale Street to Oblivion, pour some glasses of Clutch and get taken away by this pair, dark sour and rock and roll.  

Turns out Clutch knows a lot about beer (and rock and roll), and Eric knows a lot about rock and roll (and beer) and it all came together with a collaboration for the ages.  I'm glad Clutch stopped by the brewery on a Monday, and I'm glad Eric wanted the Pickle Barrel that day as well, because I am having a hard time imagining a world without this amazing beer.






Beer Rock and Roll Clutch