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The East Coast (among other things...)

Aug 23, 2011

Alright, so I have been gone a while.  First there was the fracture to my pelvis bone, then my lovely bride gave birth to our first child (a girl (a beautiful, healthy girl)), then I went to Portland for the 2011 Beer Bloggers Conference (and subsequently got my twitter account hacked (it's better now (check it out @carnie_nbb)))(oh and PS, this should be getting a write up all it's own in the next few days). 

So it has been a busy few weeks for me, but believe it or not The New Belgium Brewing Company did not slam to a halt in my absence... in fact things rolled on smoothly without me (maybe too smoothly).  And now I am going to try and catch everybody up on all the things that over the last few weeks have gone under-reported on this here blog.

Thing one-  NBB beers are now (meaning this instant) available in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia.  A whole bunch of different 22oz bottles are now on the shelves and in the coolers of beer shops and bars in that area.  Read all about it here at Things are a buzz on the Twitter landscape with the news of Fat Tire coming to the area as well (check out #fattire and #newbelgium (if you are into such things and look out towards the social media landscape)).  My favorite so far has been from @The_Beermonger I knew #NewBelgium arriving was a big deal, but... #DCquake.  It is nice to know that now is not to early for earthquake jokes (another wonderful wonderful pair- topical humor and Hoptober, give it a try).

Thing two- The Hub at DIA adds a Spoke.  The New Belgium Hub at Denver International Airport (gate B80) just got another friend to go drinking with (or more accuratly- at), the Spoke.  Located at gate A61 the New Belgium Spoke is open and serving beers.  Up until now you needed to be on a United flight (or have lots of time to kill) if you wanted to head on in for some NBB beers.  That is not the case anymore.  Next time you are flying through the Mile High City grab a La Folie (or whatever else your tongue may be asking for) at the Spoke and take a load off.

Thing three-  A super great Fort Collins event this Friday night...  This summer has seen the release of the Tour de Fat coffee table book and a bunch of us are getting together this Friday to celebrate.  The fine folks at Wolverine Farms Publishing and a few NBB faces are hosting a reading, bike-riding, beer drinking affair this coming Friday.  If you are in town (and read this blog) show up to the tasting room (the Liquid Center at NBB HQ) at 5pm August 26 (one more time, this Friday) for a toast and a reading.  Then we will all jump on bikes and ride out to the Bar SS for more beers and more readings and probably another toast.  It is going to be really awesome (really).

Thing four-  They make juicebox's for cats (though I don't think a cat can use a straw (just saying)):


On that note, it's Tuesday and I'm out.

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