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Tour de Fat Wrap-Up...

Sep 06, 2011

It's Tuesday and the 2011 Fort Collins Tour de Fat is nothing but a fond memory, but boy-howdy, the home town show was a doozie.  It all started with the bicycle parade, and (as always) it out did the year before.  There were people on bikes everywhere, I was on the sidelines watching it all go by and it took almost an hour for the whole thing to leave, people just kept coming (and coming), in fact the total number of people is said to have been hovering around 20,000 (that is one large group of costumed weirdos).  The Ryamiese Twins threw down the beats to get the whole thing started and eventually they ran out of things to rap about (that was pretty funny).  Then the parade returned and the show got under way and it was pure bliss.  There was hilarity, sincerity, and lots of great music.  We even had a fellow named Jim trade his car for a bike (not just any bike, a custom Black Sheep commuter (made right here in Fort Collins)) and Jim also agreed to use that bike instead of the car he no longer owns for one whole year.  It was a magical day.  It was also a great day for some Fort Collins non-profits (Overland Mountain Bike Club, Fort Collins Bike Co-op, and Bike Fort Collins to be exact).  All of the beer money's (as well as merchandise money's, parade donations, bike valet cash, and every other penny earned) was placed in their hands, and that was a lot of moneys, over 90,000 buckeroo's in cold hard cash (when all was said and done) went into the ground level pockets of these fine organizations.  That is a big take away for a one day event and the Fort Collins bike community will feel this influx of money and joy for the coming days, months and years.  And all with a 88% waste diversion rate (kudos Zero Hero, kudos).

Overall the 2011 Fort Collins Tour de Fat was a smashing success, but the season is not quite over, the rolling Tdf train of bicycle fun (and destiny) still has six more shows, Denver, San Francisco, LA, San Diego, Tempe, and then it all finishes in Austin in late October.  Look out if you live in these areas, because this is a party you don't want to miss.  In one day you can ride bikes, taste beer, be entertained and contribute to society.  So get out there and have some fun.






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