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It is winter, it's Snow Day time and the animals are dressed for it...

Nov 08, 2011

Along with the release of Snow Day comes the winter-i-zation of the Liquid Center (New Belgium's own tap and tasting room).  Every year we cut out paper snow flakes and put up snowy decor and just generally snow up the joint, making it even more festive and conducive to drinking well made beer in the winter time.  This year our wonderful decorators took it one marvelous step further with small figurines of forest animals, all dressed up for the weather.  Take Pat Bena-dear for example- 

Leg-warmers and all, this deer is ready for the Snow Day samples.  And that isn't even mentioning the rabbit (in the cozy hat) underneath Pat.  That rabbit is not going to suffer any frostbite on those cutesy ears, they will be ready for hearing every sneaking predator come summer-time. 

Then there is the scared marmot:

 I'm not sure if it is fear in his eyes (frankly I'm not sure it's a male marmot either), maybe the right descriptor for the eyes is sadness, maybe there was a terrible tragedy down at the rock pile and forever his (?) gaze will be described as "the 1,000 mile type", poor marmot.  But that scarf-ed duck is there to be the marmot's defender and safety shroud (like a blanket (but more dramatic)).  

Then there is the philanthropic reasoning behind the gussied up animals and the changing of seasons, the Glass that Gives.  This is a pretty sweet program that brings the giving of gifts to whole new heights.  The glasses in question come in two packs of either 12oz or 16oz globes and they make a great addition to your favorite beer lovers glass cabinet (or your glass cabinet for that matter).  And then the kicker: every 9 dollar package of glassware sold constitutes a 1 dollar donation to one of four charities: People For Bikes, Waterkeeper Alliance, Save the Colorado and Organic Farming Research Foundation.  And when you buy the glassware online you get to pick where your dollar goes!  This is philanthropy at it's tastiest.  So make sure you get your order in because the giving sort of holiday's are coming on fast.  And then... Holy Smokes!!!!!!!---> There is free shipping on the shipped glass for the Glass that Gives from now until the holiday season has concluded. 

And then if your not philanthropied out (how could you be?), upload a picture of your Snow Day/Glassware extravaganza (that will surly ensue) to our Glass That Gives Facebook app and we will give yet another dollar to the designated good-causes.  So get after it beer lovers, do some good, knock out that gift list and have a couple beers along the way, we all benefit.






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