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The final part of the Clips of Faith wrap up (part two).

Dec 02, 2011

To pick up where we left off yesterday, Jesse was in Davis, CA halfway through traveling around this great country with all the fixin's for a fun film and beer festival.  I would also like to present the Clips of Faith 2011 crew (in photo form), Jesse is on the far left (that's why we call him "Very Dressy" Jesse (he looks good, there is no denying it)).

"The Last Half of the Whole Clips of Faith, 2011":

Seattle, Washington



RANDOM ACTS OF EVENTING: First, Gasworks Park in Seattle is one of the most strangely beautiful places I have ever spent a day. Consisting architecturally of towering industrial relics once used to convert coal and crude oil into gas, this place offers fantastic views of downtown Emerald City, heavy seaplane traffic and kite flying. Secondly, the park has a great sprinkler system, something we and the nearly 1,000 people in attendance realized when they turned on at 10 p.m. (although we had requested that they be turned off). Running away from the spewing sprinkler heads would normally be a great solution, but with the beer garden fencing in place and two slightly dark, remote exits proving to be elusive, running and screaming while continuing to be dowsed with water was the only acceptable move.


Portland, Oregon



RANDOM ACTS OF EVENTING: This event was sort of poopy. By that I mean the grounds of the park we were calling home for the day were covered in a nice fresh blanket of goose crap. When scouting sites for the tour, it’s hard to account for everything. In this case, this park was not home to a flock of geese when it was visited months earlier and determined to be a beautiful green space nestled along the Willamette River that would suit our needs wonderfully. Although myself and nearly every piece of our equipment was tainted with a touch of fowl fecal matter that day, our guests still had a great time. Strangely, we did not see an increase in the sale of New Belgium blankets.


Missoula, Montana



RANDOM ACTS OF EVENTING: Occasionally things need fixin’ when you are out on the road. By “occasionally” I mean all the f’in time. At the conclusion of this event I was charged with the task of bringing four, three-feet-long 1x4’s back to the brewery for repair. The fine folks of the Missoula International Airport’s TSA squad didn’t care much for my new carry-on, as illustrated here:

“I can’t let you on the plane with that sir,” the TSA agent said, halting the impatient security line.

“Really? Why not? I’ve seen much longer items allowed on board,” I replied. “Some kid had a skateboard last week.”

“Your items could be considered a clubbing threat, sir,” the agent said, very sternly.

“These? The best I could do is spank the heck out of somebody with these,” I replied.

She laughed. Myself, and my boards, made it safely onto the flight. And no one was spanked in the making of this memory.


Asheville, NC



RANDOM ACTS OF EVENTING: This “Beer City USA” was very excited that New Belgium and 15 or so of its delicious beers were in town and ready to make friends. What this city wasn’t excited to do was announce that the only interstate heading to the airport would be closed all day Saturday, the same day myself and two co-workers were scheduled to fly out. At the risk of never being allowed to rent a car again, I’ll admit our trip to the airport turned into something out of Dukes of Hazzard. No, we didn’t jump any freight trains with Sherriff Roscoe Coletrane sucking our tailpipe, but we did exceed posted speed limits while tearing up the back roads of Buncombe County with the help of three people frantically hitting up map apps on iPhones. We made our flight, but didn’t have enough time for one of my shaken passengers to get the vodka drink he was in desperate need of.


Charlotte, North Carolina



RANDOM ACTS OF EVENTING: Our hotel was located across the street from the NASCAR Hall of Fame. I’m pretty sure my sheets smelled like Richard Petty. What can top that?


Charleston, South Carolina



RANDOM ACTS OF EVENTING: Let’s talk food. At each tour stop we’d have a great guide to the city in the form of coworkers sprinkled around the nation, Beer Rangers to you. They’d always know where to eat, where to drink and what to avoid. The result is that our team bellied up and/or chowed down at some of the best beer bars and restaurants the US of A has to offer. At this point I decided to eat regionally – basically because the South was forcing it upon us. Biscuits came with everything (so many that a coworker started pocketing them for midnight snacks) and I was once blessed with a fried tomato on my roast beef sandwich. Yes, fried. When in Rome, I decided that for the next month my time would be well spent eating as many orders of Shrimp and Grits as I could. I only managed to put 10 servings in my belly. Only so many hours in a day.


Atlanta, Georgia



RANDOM ACTS OF EVENTING: Pretty standard event here, other than one of our food vendors showing up with the recreational vehicle from the Bill Murray and Harold Ramis classic film “Stripes.” And now a moment of reading silence for an awesome movie quote: “Chicks dig me because I rarely wear underwear, and when I do, it’s usually something unusual.”


Athens, Georgia



RANDOM ACTS OF EVENTING: A guy from Iowa who has never been further east in the United States than Chicago can learn much traveling around the nation. Our site in Athens was a city block that ended at the intersection of Washington and Lumpkin Streets, also known as “Hot Corner.” This was the center of cultural life – and too often conflict - in the African American community during the 50s and 60s. Along with Charleston’s many Civil War relics, this summer afforded me a very important education not available growing up amongst the corn.


Knoxville, Tennessee



RANDOM ACTS OF EVENTING: Like I said, learning opportunities are everywhere while traveling. That’s why when I walked in on two parks & rec workers from this fine city debating the merits of mixing Gatorade with moonshine, I dropped everything and sat down with ears wide open. Who cares if I needed them to turn the electricity on? Everything else could wait. For the record, we all ended up agreeing to be pro-moonshine Gatorades.


All in all, 11,000 attendees helped Clips of Faith raise nearly $59,000 for nonprofits around the country, bringing the two year total to $91,000. We even kept it green, our recycling and composting efforts resulting in an average waste diversion rate of 91 percent. Not bad for a beer company. If you’d like to attend 2012 Clips of Faith, keep tabs on tour planning at Cheers.


Thanks for the wrap up Jesse, sounds like you had a great summer (and spring and fall) and the fans of Clips of Faith (present and future) thank you for your contributions to the summertime-highway-of-laughs-and-good-times-as-presented-by-the-New-Belgium-Brewing-CO. 

See you next year,


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