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Frambozen is back (for a while now)!

Dec 09, 2011

Alright, so this post is a little late, but man I have been really busy lately talking about other things, and it's not like it's too late to talk about it... So with out further ado---> FRAMBOZEN IS BACK!  This beer comes out every year in time for service to your best Thanksgiving guests and it stays on the shelves long enough to see the new year.  Which is to say long enough to serve at all of your holiday gatherings and happenings.  Frambozen is a raspberry brown ale that carries the wonderful sweetness and the casual tartness of the raspberry.  Every year some NBB folks find a raspberry crop they like, they have it juiced and then sent over to NBB HQ.  This is first pressing juice, not concentrate, and we store it in a refrigerated vessel in wait until then base brown ale is ready.  Once the base beer is brewed and fermented and ready for the blending they fine folks in NBB's Church of Fermentology blend the two together.  When together the beer and the raspberry juice marry for a few days, celebrating and becoming one (instead of two) and the alcohol preserves the juice and the juice enlivens the beer.  What you get is a wonderful fruit beer with rich, dark malt tones and then smiles on every mouth that takes the time to sip it.  Frambozen is worth coveting and a it's beer worth sharing with your most loved family and friends.  It should be on the shelves in a beer shop near you right now (as we speak), check the Libation Location for more details about Frambozen in your town.

And speaking of Libation Location the beer finder can now differentiate package from draft!  This is big news if you want to find a bar with Frambozen (or whatever beer you're looking for) rather than a beer shop (or vice-versa).  So take this knowledge and apply it!  Get the good times rolling and remember ol' Juicebox on those gift lists, I like stuff too.






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