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Whole Foods, Beer and Twitter!

Dec 13, 2011

Have you ever heard of a Tweet Up?  Me neither, that is until my dear friend The Beer Wench asked me to help out with one.  Turns out a Tweet Up is when a group of folks get together in the Twitter-o-sphere and use a hash-tag to talk about the same thing.  What's that you say?  Never heard of a hash-tag?  A hash-tag looks like this: #awesomegloves and you can attach that pound sign, followed by some words (in this case: awesome and gloves) to the end of your Twitter updates (henceforth: Tweets) and everyone using Twitter can search #awesomegloves (or whatever hash-tag you like) and see every Tweet using that hash-tag and see what the whole world thinks of their awesome gloves.  Using a hash-tag is like a proactive keyword search.  Make sense?  OK, so back to The Beer Wench, she has teamed up with Whole Foods and they have crafted a series of beer tastings to take place, live, in the Twitter-verse.  Head over here for the full and mighty press release. This model is based on the Whole Foods #WFMdish Tweet Up that happens on Thursday nights talking about food and recipes and all the specifics and generalities about those things, crammed into 140 characters.  It is fun and anyone can participate (assuming you have a Twitter account (if you don't you can still follow along, but not post your own thoughts on the matter)).  In this vein Whole Foods and The Beer Wench have slated #WFMbeer as the relevant hash-tag and put together some American Craft Breweries to start firing away with Tweets and the hope of your participation.

The first in the series of craft beer tastings is scheduled to happen live, one week from today (on 12/20) at 7pm EST (again, using the hash-tag #WFMbeer), and the schedule for the night is as follows:

7pm EST: New Belgium (@newbelgium) Snow Day
7:15 EST: Deschutes (@DeschutesBeer) Jubelale
7:30 EST: Bison Brewing (@bisonbrew) Gingerbread Ale
7:45 EST: Dogfish Head (@dogfishbeer) Chicory Stout

8pm EST: After party (free for all!!)

As you can see from the schedule we here at NBB HQ are participating and we're bringing Snow Day to the (virtual) table and the other breweries look to be bringing some heat as well.  My recommendation is that you head over to your neighborhood bottle shop, procure these beers, get your Tweet-Deck running and get in on the fun.  This Tweet Up is a really good way to hear about new beers, try new beers, hear other people's opinions about said beers and also give your opinion (and I value that).  In other words, (capitol F) Fun...

I'll see you in the Twitter-scape,





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