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And then it was 2012...

Jan 03, 2012

If the world does end this year I will be so angry. There are many wonderful things on the horizon that I want to be a part of and the world ending would absolutely limit the fun. I want nothing to get in the way, shorten, or even remotely hinder my future-possible enjoyment of these glorious things. Most notably, gigantic (relatively speaking) cans of beer. You may have already read about it here, or maybe here, but right now, from the horses mouth... New Belgium is putting beer into tall boys! And inside some of these tall boys will be a brand new (and tall boy only) beer called SHIFT! (the capitalization and exclamation point are just for effect and not in the actual name of the beer). Shift is a pale lager that even the most enthusiastic of canned beer enthusiasts will find to be delicious, bold and hugely quaffable. I don't want to get into too many details here but the test batches I have tasted are simply delightful and I am looking forward to drinking on them during the out-of-doors-type parts of the year (and the other times too).

Also in that wonderful and em-biggened-sized can will be Fat Tire and Ranger IPA.

This is a revelation for me and all other New Belgium canned beer fans. There are many things in this world that I enjoy doing with a beer in my hand and a lot of places that I enjoy doing these things don't like glass bottles, they are either frowned upon or flat out illegal. Now, I am not one to break the law (that often) so I always pack the canned beer. With these out-of-doors-type activities I have always wished that I didn't have to go back to the cooler as often as I have to, interrupting the thing that I am doing, and now with a larger can I don't have to, and neither do you.  With four more ounces per can (from 12 to 16) we can gain an efficiency advantage of 33% over 64 total ounces of beer. Think of what we can accomplish with that kind of efficiency rating. I am going to dedicate all of my extra time to becoming better at tether-ball. I have always been an OK tether-ball player, but now, without having to pause the game to go to the cooler and grab another beer I can stay on the tether-ball court and keep hammering away at my skills. My tether-ball competition is not going to know what hit them, and it's all thanks to larger cans of beer.

2012 is going to be the best year yet!

Good-bye, I love you and I'm out...





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