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Dig is the new spring seasonal beer and it's really good!

Jan 31, 2012

Spring is here my friends, you may not see it and you may not feel it, but the season of new beginnings is upon us. How can I be so sure (you may ask yourself)? Because our new spring seasonal, Dig Pale Ale, is now on shelves and inside tap handles all over NBB distribution areas.

Right now, you might be wondering "what happened to Mighty Arrow?" Well, just like Skinny Dip and 2Below before it, Mighty Arrow has reached its time to take a break. Over the last year (or so) NBB HQ has started rotating some seasonals out and giving a few new beers a chance to shine. Take a look at Somersault and Snow Day, both great new beers that did the wonderful (and difficult) job of filling the seasonal void left by their predecessor. Now it's Dig's turn to step into the limelight. This beer is a wonderful Pale Ale just jumping with an unmitigated, hoppy zing. With Dig our brewers utilized a couple new (to us) hop varietals with Nelson Sauvin and Sorachi Ace and the interplay between the two in this beer is fantastic. The Nelson Sauvin hops bring a huge (like super huge) soft fruit kind of punch, I'm talking mango and guava, (ever had a guava? they're fantastic), and the Sorachi Ace carries a citrus zing more of the lemon-type-pucker in nature. A lot of American hops have a citrus punch, it's one of the best reasons to use American hops, but the citrus profile of an American hop is more likely in the grapefruit vein of the citrus system (think the Cascade hops of Ranger IPA). The Sorachi Ace is a Japanese hop, and this tart lemon hue is completely new to me and quite awesome in Dig. The lemon of the Sorachi Ace in tandem with the super fruitiness of the Nelson Sauvin create a hop profile to beat the band in Dig (like literally (with a short-ish section of rubber hose)). Then the pale and caramel malts add the strong malt back bone, holding everything up right. Dig drinks a juicy (yet firm) medium body with the refreshing tickle of a well carbonated beer. This beer is so drinkable and so good, it is ready to take your spring season by storm.

My advice to you is to get out there and find some Dig. Then, once the beer is in hand, get to doing all the things that you do in spring, like getting the garden ready, or some house cleaning, or maybe just sitting around and thinking about baseball (pitchers and catchers report February 19th).

Talk soon,