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Are you a filmmaker? Because Clips of Faith is ready for your film!

Feb 07, 2012

Screaming right into its third season, the Clips of Faith is ready to start cranking for 2012. The Clips of Faith (for those in the dark) is a New Belgium beer and film tour that is scheduled for 18 stops in the coming year. The idea of this event is that we bring a whole bunch of hard to find, hand-made beers and a great program of hand-made short films for projection onto the big screen in a park located in (or, at least close to) your home town. It is a wonderful pairing of beer and film for all to enjoy. The festival hits the road in May.

Why am I bringing this up in February? Well, we have the beer taken care of (it's what we do) but we need the program of short films. That's where you come in, all of these films are harvested from our drinking audience.

The idea is pretty simple, you make a film conforming to the regulations of the Clips of Faith, submit it to us, and then we will view all of the entries and pick a handful of the best to use in the program. The basic part of the regulations are about as simple as the idea:

Create and submit an original film between 10 seconds and 7 minutes long. Your film can be on any subject in any genre but for bonus credit, try to include one or more of New Belgium's five main follies:

  1. Craft Beer.

  2. Sustainability (environmental statements).

  3. Whimsy (spoofs, giddy candid moments, anything worth watching).

  4. Culture.

  5. Adventure.

You need to be at least 21 years of age and reside in the United States. Film submissions will be accepted through April 16th. Films will be judged by panels of judges selected by New Belgium. Aside from these rules and regulations, the judging criteria will be determined by the judging panels, in their discretion. The judging panel’s decisions will be final.

We want your creativity and we’re willing to reward you! At least that’s the current plan.

And to further wet the channel of creativity, here is the 2011 trailer-

There is a little more to those regulations (the fine print and such) and that can be found here (look for the hot link to  the Clips of Faith official rules). But, the idea is that you are a filmmaker and we want your film. So get after it, blow our minds, make something your mother would be proud of and submit it here-->

See you down the road,





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