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Clock out, it's finally time for a SHIFT BEER!

Apr 02, 2012

16oz cans of Shift Beer are taking over the world! Or, at least, I hope they do, because this beer is awesome. April 2 is the official release of Shift (that's today!!!!!), it's packaged in 16oz cans only, and should be available through our entire distribution area as of right now. This is a pale lager, light bodied, but full flavored, 5% ABV. Shift is a session beer, lightly hopped with Nelson Sauvins from New Zealand, and while being a hop forward lager, this beer is very drinkable, no matter your tastes in beer. 

I have been talking a little about Shift in recent weeks, here on the blog, and on the ol' Facebook, you know, building a buzz, getting the facts out to you as they become available. And finally, today, I can tell you that Shift is on your shelves and ready for the drinking. But before you head out into this wide, wide world looking for it, let me give you the full run down for Shift. I want to give you all the information you need to successfully find these big cans of beer and enjoy them to their fullest potential.

First, lets talk about the can, it's 16oz's– a tall boy, pounder, pint can, el gigante, or, as I like to call it –> the perfect sized beer. Fat Tire, in 12oz cans, has been around since the summer of '08, and we have added Sunshine and Ranger IPA since, and craft beer cans (generally) have been around even longer. Our can production has been blowing up since we started offering them, and in just four years we outgrew the capacity of our original line. We started looking for a shiny new line last year. The new one we decided on fills lots of 12oz cans per minute, way more than the old line, but we found out pretty quickly that it also filled 16oz cans. So we did what anyone in this position would do, we decided to put beer into those bigger cans. And then we took it one step further, we decided to brew a beer that would fit so well into that bigger sized package it would be exclusive to it. Hence... Shift Beer in 16oz cans only! Boom! The big cans are great for more than just increasing your drinking efficiency, they also make your hands look dainty and cute, and who doesn't need a little of that in their life?

And then on to the total package. This is a canned-up, crazy, craft world we live in and there are some folks still having a difficult time deciding which package is best for their beer: cans, kegs, or bottles. Decisions are hard, but the good news is that this decision has no "wrong" answer. All beer packages are good, and none is really better than another. Some folks (like me) prefer their beer in cans, which makes this Shift release all the sweeter, some don't. We created a decision map full of information relavant to your beer package choices. I hope it helps guide your decision: 

But wait, there's more! In conjunction with Shift's release we have created a new mobile app for your smart phone! This is exciting on several fronts. First, the highlights of the New Belgium/Shift App: You can set your clock-out alarm as a "work is done" reminder and then the post-shift Shift drinking can begin. You can use the New Belgium/Shift app to share photos of you and your cohorts enjoying some cans of Shift. And you can share a Shift with your pals on the social networks.  You can even use the app to locate a can of Shift. This last one is super terrific. The app reads your location (via your phone's GPS), and then reads our Beer Finder data, and then gives you a lead on your closest package stores and bars serving up these tall cans of awesome! Geo-locating... Who would've thought it would help you find beer? Am I right? The other awesome part of this app is that it auto-updates. So when new parts of the app or totally new and awesome things for the app are released in the future, say a new Ranger campaign, the app updates and morphs into the new app without you having to go back into the app store and download a different app. Oh, and it's free! So that's great too. We have made this app for iPhones and for Androids, so head on into your respective app getting places and download the fun.

And then there's this, which is awesome too.

That is the ad, featured in magazines on every level of the news stand's shelf. And like all of our advertisements it is, in fact, a 3-D thing. That time clock, and typewriter (and everything else) are screwed directly to the giant green board. It stands 6 feet (at least) with a 4 foot breadth, it's gigantic. I bet the Shift piece is the biggest shadow box, 3-D advertisement we've built to date. The other awesome thing about the ad is the hidden hashtag. I am a Twitter nerd, I love hashtags. If you don't know what a hashtag is ask one of your friends that's into Twitter, they'll tell you. But find the hidden hashtag and then jump in on this #ShiftBeer conversation. It will be a hoot!

And then finally, Pandora. Who doesn't listen to Pandora? I listen mostly at work. Now there is a Shift Beer station for work, here's the link ––> Shift Work-Time Radio. The Shift Work station is full of tunes to keep you working and accomplishing during your clocked in time.

But after work you want party music. So we made an after work station for Shift listening too. Here is that link ––> Shift Party-Time Radio. This post work, party time Shift station will keep the fun turned to 11. So tune in and don't forget to turn it up, like real loud...

And that is everything you should need to Shift it up. Get after it, make good turns and good luck.




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