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It's American Craft Beer Week!

May 15, 2012

It's time to celebrate American Craft Beer, are you ready? Starting May 14 (yesterday!), and going through the weekend, America is a-buzz with great beer. There are events happening in all 50 states and that means if you are in America you can celebrate. Here is a link to the Brewer's Association's  page that is listing a lot of the goings on country wide. Check it out, then check your own calender, then go some place great and drink an American Craft beer.

Around these parts (NBB) we have lots of things going on for ACBW. Firstly, the Fort Collins collaboration- Collusion 2012. All nine Fort Collins craft breweries got back together for the third year and brewed up another gem. Filled with Colorado barley, hops, honey, and snow (seriously, snow, right out of Rockey Mountain National Park). The beer defies style. I tried it last night at Equinox and I can describe it as great, kind of light, and totally drinkable. Here is a video of the making ––>


Pretty sweet huh? And that being watched, you should know that you can get a glass of Collusion at all of the involved Fort Collins breweries, including New Belgium, right now. But act quickly, because the liquid is limited and you'll want to get your tongue on it before it's gone.

And on top of all the colluding, the Liquid Center here at NBB is blowing up with events all week: trivia today, Loose Lips taste contests tomorrow and Thursday, a brewer's panel is also happening on Thursday, and then some beer poetry on Friday. It's going to be a hoot (I even heard rumors of kereoke...). And, you can (and should) come in and sign the Declaration of Beer Independence at any time during the week, it is hanging right on the wall. Go ahead, sign it, let the world know that you support craft beer.

So get after it friends, start drinking now, because this is everyone's beer week!





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