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Let's go to Indianapolis (and the Beer Bloggers Conference)!

Jul 19, 2012

There is a Beer Bloggers Conference, did you know that? It's really fun, I've been every year. The 2012 edition was held in Indianapolis, and that's a really cool city. I had never been to Indy before (locals like to call it Indy) and my mind was blown. The conference was full of super interesting topics, beer and food (at the same time), informative panels, and seeing all of my beer blogger friends. I took a whole mess of pictures and I want to walk you through some of them in my photo essay. I call it "the 2012 Beer Bloggers Conference in Indianapolis (in photos)."

Indy has a lot of really great sculpture/art on the streets. This one has something to do with basketball (forgive me, I'm not a sports fan).

When I arrived at the hotel I was very confused by this sign (it wasn't even pointing west)...

We went to Flat12 Bierwerks while we were in town. That place was full of great people and great beer. The hospitality was of the top-est notch. 

Dinner Friday night was very fancy. A few of us bloggers snuck out to a place called Recess. Go there, it is so worth it. Here is the salad course.

Here's Eric (from concentrating on his wine (more like

This is another shot of Eric with his dessert plate.

Here is another handsome blogger standing in front of the giant Kurt Vonnegut mural (he's from Indy (Vonnegut, not the to-remain-name-less blogger)).

The next morning at the conference I saw this guy (total-sports-coverage). Yes, that's a helmet cam, affixed to a helmet. Some folks take panel discussions very seriously...

This is Troy, he works at Schlafly in St. Louis, he is my pal. This is my pal working.

There was a great presentation from Spiegelau Glassware featuring Brooklyn beers (oh, and Garrett Oliver did some talking)). I learned more about glassware in that hour than I thought possible. I am sold on nice glasses, good-bye frozen (or un-frozen) pints. Here is the piece de resistance from that talk, A Black Ops in a tulip, thanks Brooklyn.

And then I took a plane home and the clouds looked pretty.

Overall, my experience at the conference was a great one, and I am excited for next year. Hope you liked the pictures and if you get to Indianapolis make sure to drink a few beers for me...



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