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New Belgium and the USA Pro Cycling Challenge

Aug 09, 2012

Hey friends. 

I wanted to take today and mention that we're sponsoring the USA ProCycling Challenge (!), and then explain a few details as to what that means... 

Are you ready? Alright, here we go. 

The Pro Cycling Challenge is a huge bicycle race ripping the roads of Colorado from August 20th through the 26th. It starts in Durango and seven days (and 600 miles) later everybody shows up in Denver. Some of the world's top racing teams will be fielding riders and it's looking to be the paramount bicycle event in the US (beside the Tour de Fat, of course). There is going to be hundreds of thousands of thirsty fans throughout the week (some say over a million people are going to be lining the roads of Colorado for this second year event!), and New Belgium is going to be there making sure that everyone (of legal drinking age) has an ice cold beer in their hand to aid in hydration and cheering. We will have beer tents at starts towns, finish towns, along the route, everywhere. Again, it is going to be the ultimate Colorado happening (in regards to bicycles and beer and fun and stuff (outside the Tour de Fat, of course)). We are very excited to be a part of the Pro Challenge and we are excited to showcase Colorado, and Colorado beer, on an international stage.

We are doing a lot of beer serving and event shenanigans during the USA Pro (I heard some TDF fun might show up too...), and that is all super awesome, but what I am most excited about is the total sports coverage (to barrow a favorite phrase) that we will be offering to all fans of beer and bicycles. We will be on the ground covering the event: videos, blog posts, dedicated Twitter and Instagram feeds, not to mention charming personalities and rugged good looks. We will be talking about the race, but we're also looking to highlight some beautiful Colorado towns, after-race-type-parties, some of the benefitting non-profits, local personalities, and the beer drinking... It is going to be really fun and I hope you can share it with us. 

Here's the sizzle clip:

And here are some very important follow-along-type-details: 

See most things NBB and Pro Challenge at the Internet homebase:

Follow along on Twitter: @NBBProChallenge

Or, on Instagram: @NBBProChallenge (I would link IG here but it's phone only and I really have nothing to connect from my desktop, sorry...)

And, To plug yourself into the conversation try some of these hash tags at the aforementioned social networking sites: #Prochallenge #NBBProchallenge #USAPRO #BikesAndBeer #EnjoyTheRide

There will also be watch parties all over our distribution areas for folks outside of Colorado to enjoy NBB beers and good ol' fashioned bicycle racing with the Pro Challenge. Keep your eyes on that (above mentioned) website to see the details of these happenings in your neighborhood...

So, on that note, get ready to follow along and have some fun in the high mountains of Colorado! 

Huzzah! Bicycle Racing!





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