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Renold Yip makes a great bicycle, and other photos from Boulder, Colorado...

Aug 25, 2012

Alright, let me be honest with you right now. Stage 6 finished up in Boulder a few hours ago, and when it did I was playing with my daughter in the park. I snuck a can of Ranger in pocket and we headed out on the bike path to a lovely swingset by the river. It's her favorite spot (mine too). Meanwhile, in Boulder, team NBB was documenting and filming and partaking in what we have come to call "Total Sports Coverage" of the US Pro Cycling Challenge. After the finish in Colorado Springs yesterday I needed a day off, and my beautiful bride had to go to work, so I needed (wanted) to hang out with my glowing and wonderful young child... But the show must go on, so here is today's video:

The Video!

And then I would be remiss to let the coverage spoil, so here are some shots that Larry sent me, via text, through the course of the day (he's pretty handy with the camera). I am including some commentary that I made up. I wasn't there, but I can only assume that how I interpret the pictures is correct. I am a writer after all:

The Stage!

The silk screen says it all, and then it happened. New Belgium spent the week screening shirts, hope you got one, they're awesome.

Total sports coverage brought to you from the house on Pooh Corner (Boulder)...

While we were driving around the state trying not to offend anyone these dudes (and others like them) were throwing kegs and trucking cans from city to city, bringing the refreshment (beer) to you. The guy on the right even broke his collarbone doing it. A huge thanks to them, I (we all) would have been very thirsty if not for their hard work...

The US Pro Cycling Challenge was in America, and Fat Tire is awesome!

I am running out of captions, here is the rest of the photos...

See what I mean, handy with the camera. And that's all I got. See you tomorrow from Denver.




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