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A couple of brand new beers, let's have some tastes, shall we?

Nov 16, 2012

Two new Lips of Faith beers have hit the shelves and tap lines the country wide (well, in our distribution area...). One is a Biere de Garde that was brewed in collaboration with Brewery Vivant. The other is an Imperial Coffee Chocolate Stout. I figured we should taste them both and see what happens...

Biere de Garde

Pours a bright golden, and hangs on to a slight haze. Foam is quick to build and leaves heavy lacing. Aroma is bold citrus and a little funky. The biere de garde yeast strain from BV is full of phenols, with some herb and tropical fruits, and that's really steering the aroma. Briefly, this beer is easy on the nose holes. The taste is biting and quenching. Present here is a hint of tartness, and the bergamot orange peel addition brings citrus (and the accompanying tartness) to the front. There is some bitterness, but it's a green bite, not really the hops. The Bier de Garde has a refreshing quality I have never experienced before, similar to a aromatic IPA, but the hops in this beer are in the background. Speaking of hops, the Sorachi Ace here do add to the lemony, citrus zing, but it's subtle. Mouthfeel is spritzy and very dry. 

I really like this beer. It's strong, but not over the top at 9% ABV and I see myself drinking a few bottles before the run is up.

Imperial Coffee Chocolate Stout

I have been waiting for this beer since the moment I heard we were making it. I love coffee (maybe) more than I love beer. But when the two meet I start shaking with joy. 

We brewed this beer with locally roasted coffee from Cafe Richesse and (not local) organic cocoa nibs. The color is exactly what you would expect- dark (like pitch black). And the head looks mocha in nature. The aroma is rich, bitter chocolate, and coffee to the max. The taste is what you would expect too- coffee, chocolate, and a dark bitterness. There is some sweetness present, but it quickly fades as the rest of the full flavor takes over. Another 9% ABV beer in this one, but, as with the Biere de Garde, the alcohol is not super present in the taste here either. Mouthfeel is smooth and rich, with a hint of the booze-i-ness coming through in the end. I love this beer. 

The two new Lips of Faith offerings compliment each other in great ways, both strong, both flavorful, one extra rich and one a bit biting. Get a bottle of both and have a really enjoyable time with friends...

Check the Beer Finder for your Beer Finding needs, and I hope your today is better than your yesterday.