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Rampant IPA is coming! Rampant IPA is coming!

Mar 01, 2013

Today is Friday, and in a couple days it will be Sunday, and then, right after Sunday- Monday. And Monday, March 4th is the official release date for Rampant Imperial IPA. The people have spoken, and what they have spoken for are hoppy beers. We have responded. While keeping a Belgian focus with beers like Abbey, Trippel, Fat Tire, 1554, etc, we have also started to heavily expand our hoppy offerings. First was Ranger IPA, then Shift with a hoppy lager, and now, Rampant Imperial IPA- 85 IBUs, 8.5% ABV. It's a big and bold beer ready for the most receptive of the hops receptors. 

The hop profile heavily features Mosaic and Calypso, bringing stone fruit flavors to the front seat. We're talking peaches, apricots, things like that. Centennials are in there too, rounding out the aroma with a big citrus blast. Rampant also offers a sturdy malt backbone to balance the flavor in such wonderful way. It is a really great beer, like really great. Rampant leaves a hoppy zing in your mouth for a while after completion, and that's a good thing, because it makes you want to drink another Rampant. 

Here's the poster art (I think it's awesome):

And then, in support of this wonderful new iIPA, a few of us have hit the road to make some short video bits. The first one will come out Monday. (I don't want to spoil the surprise, but...) Here are a few pictures to let you in on some of the things that happened:

That all happened, really, maybe not in that order, but... Please, check back Monday. It will be a perfect time to watch the first film with a glass of Rampant. You will (hopefully) be entertained.

Until next week!





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