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Beer Mode: a brand (spanking) new mobile app! For your consideration...

Apr 23, 2013

Alright, so it is actually an update, not a new app. But it has been fully redesigned and looks/acts/functions as if it is a truly new app. We put our first one out last year, and it may not have been the best app ever, but it was an app. It did some helpful stuff like locate you a beer and generally tell you the generalities of our beers, maybe not as smoothly as it could have, but man, we're moving on. And hopefully you're coming with us. If you were a previous owner of our app you should already have the update updated. If you have never had a New Belgium app you have come to the app store at just the right time. And if you are one of the folks that deleted that old app because you couldn't figure out how to turn off the Shift Beer alarm, please, head back into the store and give the new one a try, it is very different, I promise. 

This "new" app is actually a NEW app. We completely redesigned it from the support beams up. It does all the stuff the old app did, tell you about our beers, help you find one, etc...  But it does those things in much more graceful ways that are both functionally and aesthetically smoother to the previous edition. And then it does a few things that the old app didn't do. First is the exclusive content section. This is a peek behind the curtain to see what beers are coming up. This section is also a look into what might be coming down the line. We want to be able to share looks at stuff in the ideation stage, as well as showing you what is the next Lips of Faith beer. It's pretty cool. The second thing that really sets this app apart is Beer Mode. Beer Mode allows you to preselect messages to post to your social sites so you can give your beer the undivided attention it deserves. The idea is that the app posts to Facebook for you so when you're sitting at the bar you can take your nose out of your phone and put it into your beer, or a conversation with the real-life people sitting right next to you. The theory behind Beer Mode is somewhere in the world of the Anti-App, it's a phone app that encourages you to put your phone down. I think you'll really like it. Here is a quick diagram on the flow and function of Beer Mode, just in case I wasn't clear...

See what I mean, totally awesome. At this time it is built for Andriod and iPhone. Go to your stores and get the app, it's free. Here's the links: Google Play and iPhone.

Thanks for reading and I'll see you soon...