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Great Couples: "Die Hard" and Rampant

Jul 01, 2013

At this point you might be familiar with the New Belgium Clips Beer and Film Tour, which brings experimental beers and experimental films to cities all across the U.S. Well, we thought we'd take the beer + film association one step further, because they go together as well as milk and cookies, up and down, and boats and water.

So here it is, our first beer and film pairing. 

Have you had Rampant? Have you seen "Die Hard?" If you answered yes to both those questions then this should come as no surprise. On one side we have Rampant, an Imperial IPA that takes no prisoners. It puts everything out on the line and leaves you with a bitter taste in your mouth. Fortunately, that's why it's so good.

Die Hard Rampant Mash Up

Then there's 1988's classic smash/bang/BOOM flick"Die Hard," which stars Bruce Willis as a bitter (in a different sorta way) off-duty cop who gets wrangled in to an international terror plot.Via sheer bull-headed determination Willis manages to thwart the plot and pretty much destroy a skyscraper in spectacular fashion. One could even say he runs rampant, if they wanted to.

Getting mildly metaphysical it's easy to make the case that both Rampant and "Die Hard" keep their audience on the edge of their bar stool, wondering what's going to reveal itself next. When it's finally over — the beer and/or film — it's not unheard of to hear a captivated "whoa" escape through slack lips.

So there it is. Now I'm going to go drink a Rampant and watch "Die Hard." Yep, all five of them. Oh, and have you seen this awesome pun piece from the artist Hanksy? It's very relevant.

Hanksy art

— Nic The Intern


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