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Great Couples: "Top Gun" and Fat Tire

Jul 15, 2013

Nic the Intern is killing it. His posts have been very funny, and his photoshop skillz are of the topnotch nature. And that "Die Hard" post the other day? Whew, what a hoot. And very thought provoking. He got me railing on my favorite movie and beer romances, one stuck out– "Top Gun" and Fat Tire.

The movie is wonderful, literally one of my favorites of all time. It has action (fighter jets, fighting), excitement (again, the fighter jets), and a love story (Kelly McGillis did, in fact, take my breath away, meeee-ow). But, do you know what else it has? Balance! That's right, the relationship between Pete Mitchell (call sign: Maverick) and Nick Bradshaw (call sign: Goose) is the Hollywood definition of togetherness. Maverick is a dangerous firebrand, concerned with pushing limits, going inverted, and driving on the highway to the danger zone. Goose is a family man, a bit nervous in regards to Maverick's antics, but ultimately fighting in the same corner as his best friend and pilot. 

Fat Tire is also one of my favorite things. And it too has balance. That's the whole point of the beer, it's malty and delicious, carries a hoppy bite, and, as a whole, sings in the best of beer harmonies. I like to think that one half of the beer, the matliness, is Goose, and the other half, the hoppiness of Fat Tire, is Maverick. Let's go further. Say the hops (Maverick) has the idea to sing "I've Lost That Loving Feeling" to a stranger at the bar, and the malt (Goose) doesn't really like the idea. But you know what the malt does? He sings his heart out for the sake of his friend, because one has to support the other. Or, say the hops needs a volleyball partner, or somebody to do a fly-by with? They are there to support each other.

The one part of this analogy that I haven't figured out yet is what to do about Fat Tire when Goose dies. I first saw this movie in 1988, when I was 10 years old, and when Goose died I cried. And then I cried again when Maverick threw Goose's dog tags into the ocean. It was heartbreaking. And I can't come up with anything that's heartbreaking about Fat Tire.

As I ruminate on this maybe you should crack a bottle of Fat Tire and re-watch "Top Gun." It will be worth it.




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