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Tour de Fat and The Moth, reunited

Jul 19, 2013

That's correct. The Moth podcast and Tour de Fat are teaming up in Minneapolis, Fort Collins and San Francisco to bring you amazing live storytelling in between bike giveaways, good music and carnival acts. We're so excited, we made a really impressive picture to show you:

the moth and tour de fat

The Moth, if you aren't familiar, is a great podcast that records and airs live storytellings. It makes for some pretty moving stuff. Usually you can find Moth events in clubs, bookstores, theaters and other enclosed, intimate settings. So a broad daylight, middle-of-the-day show? It's pretty rare, and we feel dang lucky that The Moth chose to hold a couple of them with us.

And if you're interested in telling a story up on The Moth stage, well, you can! Head over to their web site for info on how to submit a story for selection.

Awesome, right? We think so, too. 

Cheers — Nic The Intern