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Great couples: "Quicksilver" and Shift

Jul 22, 2013

Welcome to New Belgium's film and beer pairing, "Great Couples." If you'd like to read our previous peas-in-pods, you can check them out here and here. For this week we've got another blast from the 80s.

While Shift is inarguably a very good beer, 1986's Kevin Bacon-starring bike messenger film "Quicksilver" is arguably very, very bad. This difference aside, though, it's hard not to think of the two as being synonymous. Well okay, that's probably a stretch, but allow me to make my case.

Kevin Bacon with some beer

First things first: bicycles are rad. Even a poorly scripted, comedy-that-didn't-intend-to-be-a-comedy comedy with flat characters can't change that. We've always loved bikes here at New Belgium — from Fat Tire to Shift, two-wheeled transportation has always been displayed on our bottles and cans. The relationship goes deeper than just our packaging, though. Most of us ride bikes on a regular basis, whether it be to work, for exercise or just because they're fun.

Naturally, we love "Quicksilver," a film starring Kevin Bacon as Jack Casey, a stock trader who, after managing to lose lots of money for both himself and his clients, decides to get into the more modest game of bike messengering. Little does he know that it's an underground culture fraught with danger and drama. It's a film that, despite it's badness — and possibly thanks to it — is one easy watch. 

Kevin Bacon racing against beer

That curious word — "easy" — it's where this bad film meets this good beer. While wonderfully complex in its own way, Shift is a brew best sessioned on the front porch during a breezy summer's eve with some pals. Have one, watch as the afternoon drifts into twilight and you into another Shift. Soon enough you're playing cards by candlelight and, well, you're still drinking Shift. 

Put differently, it's an easy drink.  

What's the saying? Opposites attract? Well in this case it's 100 percent correct. While "Quicksilver" may be bad, and Shift may be good, neither demands too much from you. Just lean back and enjoy. Also, they're both linked to Kevin Bacon, and Paula Abdul thinks opposites attract, too. 

Cheers until next time — Nic The Intern


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